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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #140

This is Teresa Smeigh from writing from a new blog using a pen name.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge Rules

Actually there are some things I like about the new normal. I like not having to go to the doctor’s office in most cases. I see a lot of doctors and hate driving. Now I just have to use my phone for most of them. Exceptions are dentists, eye doctor’s, ear doctor’s, podiatrists and of course the pain doctor’s injections.

When it comes to shopping I used to go to the large grocery store several times a week, now I have adapted to going once a month when I get paid (SSDI is once a month) and shop for the whole month. I am not eating out and that has cut down on the amount of fast food and even more expensive restaurant eating. It is saving me money.

I have as many prescriptions delivered to me as possible. I have also tried to get as many on the same refill date so that lessens the amount of necessary trips.

Hugging! I am not a hugger. I hate it when people would have to hug hello and then good bye. Social distancing means no more hugging. I do miss hugging and kissing that new little bundle of joy (my grandson), but I can do without the rest. Babies are meant to be hugged and kissed so that is a big con in my book. I watched my grandson be born. I saw him for about a month, maybe two, and then the major shutdown and isolation even from my family.

I had belonged to a writing group that met at the library. I had to stop going as I was told to use a walker at all times and I struggled trying to put the walker into my car so I told them I had to stop coming. It was too hard for me. Then comes the virus, the library shuts down and the group decides to go online for meetings on Zoom. I can now attend. A win for me.

I was always going to Staples for printer ink, paper and calendars. I now order it all online and save myself the trip especially now that I have to take my walker with me everywhere and put it in and take it out of my car for all my errands. Online ordering is so much easier.

Although this doesn’t really pertain to me, they are now allowing people to work from home all the time instead of maybe once a week. Call centers can now work from home. Companies are not going to need to keep those huge offices. People are use to working from home.

I think some good can come out of what is a bad thing.

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