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Thursday photo prompt: Soar #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Soar #writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a sky full of dark, stormy clouds against which four large birds are silhouetted in flight.

Best Friends

By Tessa Dean June 2020

Laura surveyed the rapidly darkening sky and wondered how wise her decision to walk to her best friend, Tina’s, house was. It is a rather long walk, and she had called her mom at work to ask permission since she didn’t have a ride, and Tina’s mother wasn’t home either. The girls hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and they were missing each other.  

Laura tried to figure out just how much longer she had until she made it to Tina’s house. She figured she was maybe halfway there now, but the sky was getting darker still, and she noticed four large birds circling an area up ahead. A strange foreboding came over her. It was something about those birds soaring around up there.

Laura debated going back home. She figured she was halfway there, so that meant she could get to Tina’s just as fast as she could get back home. She already knew she had a ride home.

Large drops of rain started to fall, and Laura picked up her pace. She was almost to where the birds were circling. Now Laura saw what appeared to be a bundle lying on the walkway. She started to go around it when she recognized the bundle was a body, and the coat the body was wearing was Tina’s favorite color.

She stopped, scared to look, but knew she had to. Tina hadn’t mentioned coming to meet her, but she might have decided to since they hadn’t seen each other in such a long time. She looked up to the circling birds, knowing that usually meant a dead object was the subject of their interest down below.

It was a human being. She could now make out arms and legs splayed across the walkway. The hair was blond like Tina’s. Laura was beginning to cry, and she was alarmed. What if the killer was still there? She had to see who it was.

She reached the body, looked around to see if she was still alone, and then turned the body over. The face was bloodied, beaten, and unrecognizable. The coat, she couldn’t miss the coat. It was Tina’s. How many of those coats were around, maybe it was just a coincidence.

She was sure it was a child and not an adult. The body was small in stature. Still, that didn’t mean it was Tina. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Tina’s phone. There was no answer, and from a pocket below her, the familiar ring that Tina used sounded.

Laura sank to the ground in shock. She forgot that the killer could still be around. Finally, she hung up her phone, effectively shutting off the ring from the pocket.

Coming to her senses, she called 911 and quickly told the 911 operator what had happened and that she was scared that the killer was still around. She didn’t want to leave Tina’s body alone, but the operator advised her to get somewhere safe, and as soon as she alerted the police, she would be back to talk to Laura to make sure she made it to safety.

Laura ran to the first house she saw and rang the bell. A nice lady asked her was wrong. She mumbled through her tears about the murder just up the road.

Sirens sounded in the distance. The lady hugged her close and took her inside.

A man covered in blood came in from the back of the house. Laura gasped at the sight of him and started to scream. She was trying to break free from the woman’s grasp. She had forgotten about the 911 operator who had promised to stay with her on the phone.

There was pounding on the door, and the police shouted, “Open up immediately, this is the police.” Laura was still screaming, and finally, the woman opened the door.

“What’s the problem,” she asked the police. “I was trying to comfort this little girl who told us that she had found her best friend murdered. I don’t know why she’s screaming, though. My husband came in from slaughtering a few chickens for dinner. Oh, the blood all over him.”

She turned to Laura, who had run over to the policemen. “My husband was slaughtering chickens, sweetie. I am so sorry he scared you. Sir, if you look outside, you will see the chickens that he slaughtered.”

One of the policemen took the man’s arm and followed him out to the back of the house. They came back, and the policeman said, “He’s alright, he was slaughtering chickens out back. There is blood everywhere, and the murdered girl had been beaten, not cut with a knife.”

The policemen took Laura’s hand and led her outside and thanked the couple for watching over her. They let the 911 operator know that they had her, and she was safe so she could hang up now.

The crime scene technicians were busy with the evidence, and the body was released. They took Laura and told her to show them where her friend lived. The police hated this part. It was the awful part, letting the family know what happened to their loved one.

Escorting Laura up to the door, they knocked. Laura told them Tina’s mom wasn’t home yet since her car wasn’t in the driveway. The door opened.

Tina stood in the doorway. Laura fainted.

Bringing Laura about, they questioned Tina about her phone being in the murdered victim’s pocket. “Oh,” she said, ”I wondered where that went. My friend Sandy had just left here, and I looked everywhere for it.”

“Tina…,” Laura couldn’t finish her sentence. She was in shock. “I, I, I thought you were dead.”

Tina hugged Laura and said to her, “I am fine, but it seems that my thieving friend Sandy is now dead.” Both girls burst into tears.

***********978 words***********

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