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#WeekendCoffeeShare – steroid injection

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Hey everyone, this is Teresa Smeigh from and I am posting on my new blog I am writing with a pen name now.

Thanks to Eclectic Alli for hosting this prompt.

If we were having coffee, for one thing I wouldn’t have coffee as I don’t drink it and it is way too hot anyhow. I am mainly drinking water only or occasionally I will make a pitcher of ice tea. You can choose your poison.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I had my steroid injections in the left side of my spine and he will be doing the right side on July 9th. Not quite as painful as the old pain doctor I had.

I would also tell you that we just got word that my 88 year old father, who is in a nursing home due to a stroke two years ago, now is testing positive to Covid-19. He is asymptomatic and feeling quite well.

My aide was here today making up for lost work due to illness Monday and Tuesday. She did my laundry today and tonight I will sleep on a freshly made bed. I always love the feeling of fresh sheets.

I am writing again, both blogging and personally. I am going to enter NANOWRIMO again and hope to start a new book. Maybe one of these days I can finish one. I am trying something new this time as I am outlining for this book. I am a pantser (I write by the seat of my pants) and the outlining is driving me crazy. I am not sure I will ever attempt to do it that way again. I am better just typing what comes into my head. All this planning is not necessary in my mind.

I have a pen name now and a new website/blog at and am busy writing and setting up that blog. I also am on youtube (see link below) now as well, doing a writing channel. I am keeping busy.

The aide has left for the day and I am contemplating taking a nap. I am exhausted. I am used to sleeping all day and now I have to get up early for the days she is here which means very little sleep since I am up until at least 2 AM or later every night.

Be safe everyone,

Tessa – 

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2 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – steroid injection”

    1. I hd no idea that I qualified for the Medicaid and hence the aide. If I hadn’t been so sick that I had to be hospitalized I would still be struggling along on my own. Sometimes good can come out of bad.

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