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June 2020 Writing Prompts by “M”

“M” writes monthly writing prompts showing a new prompt for each day of the month. Click here for the page for this month.

June 21st prompt is “Jiggly Jenny”

Jiggly Jenny by Tessa Dean

(also known as Teresa Smeigh from

Jiggly Jenny many called her.

Many steps made her falter.

Jenny wouldn’t harm a soul.

Helping people was her goal.

People always laughed at Jenny.

Something that shouldn’t be funny.

Human beings can be so mean.

Why must they torment the teen?

What goes around one day they’ll reap.

Making fun, they watch her weep.

Jenny doesn’t understand.

What’s so funny she’d demand?

You they’d say, pointing at her.

Jenny turned and her steps falter.

Sadness fills her heart.

Stumbling, she does depart.

Laughter follows her as she leaves.

Wiping her tears on her sleeves.

Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses

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