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Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #163 – Unwelcome

Weekend Writing Prompt #163 – Unwelcome

Chasing the roach across her countertops, Cara was furious at her landlord. She asked him when she moved in if there were any roaches, and he assured her that he kept a clean place.

Cara begged to differ with him as she was spending her days chasing down roaches, killing the ones she caught, and spraying bug killer daily.  They were unwelcome here.

She couldn’t leave food out for even a few minutes. She had to put all her food that was in boxes in hard plastic containers or the refrigerator.

(This is actually based on real life. We lived in a place like this only it was much worse. Now my current place has a few roaches thanks to the neighbor over me. They are trying to rid her apartment of them and they are looking for places to escape and I and my side neighbors are getting them. I know one roach means many roaches and if I wait for the apartment buildings exterminator to spray every other week I am going to be infested too. I have been spraying every area with Raid when I find one. So far I have kept them under control to a point. If I can’t kill it and it gets away I saturate the area in Raid despite the maintenance woman telling me not to spray on my own. Roaches are not easy to control if left untreated for too long. And they only spray the kitchen and bathroom and thanks to the woman upstairs they are coming down my walls from all over the place. I lived like that once and don’t want a repeat. Roaches are prevalent in lots of apartments here and I don’t leave any food out and any trash that touched food goes in a bag in my refrigerator until I can take it to the trash chute. There is no food here for them. Up above she has cats so cat food is out there. The only difference so far is I do have food in boxes on my shelves and if it gets to the point that I have to refrigerate everything again I am going to be super pissed off.

I live in public housing and this is the kind of shit you have to deal with. I lived here 2 years and our half of the floor was fine. Now due to another floor above me, we are having to deal with them.)

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