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Share Your World – 6-29-2020

Share Your World – 6-29-2020


I am writing this from my new blog. I wrote under the name Teresa Smeigh on Now I am using a pen name on



Must we have evidence to know the truth? I think in my mind it is hard to see the truth without tangible evidence. I need to see something in real life to believe in it. Someone proclaiming they didn’t do something doesn’t make me believe them. I need proof that they didn’t do it or that someone else did.

How much control does a person have over their life? This kind of ties into last week’s questions a little bit. I was brought up to believe in doing what was right and to follow the rules. So I believe you only have as much control over your life as those rules allow. Now I know there are plenty of people who don’t give a hoot about rules and do as they please and in some cases (a lot of times that depends on money or who they know or are related to) they get away with it. I think it depends a lot on who you are, with how much control you have over your life.

What is gravity and how does it work? I wasn’t real good with science. Gravity is what holds us to the earth, but how it works? Who knows? Not me!!!

Can a person be happy if they have never experienced sadness?  How about vice versa? This is a hard one. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I can probably count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have been happy as I understand it. I am severely depressed and when I am manic I am crazy nuts, but still depressed. I gave birth 3 times, happy and joyful. My marriage was depressingly horrible so no happy there. I got divorced – mixed happy and sad. Oh I take that back, I need both hands as I have 5 beautiful grandchildren and a great son-in-law. I only know what happy is supposed to feel like, but don’t really understand completely sad and happy.

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3 thoughts on “Share Your World – 6-29-2020”

  1. Thanks Tessa for Sharing Your World!! You touched on something I hadn’t considered – how mental health factors might impact ‘happy/sad’. I’m what they call “bipolar II” (depressive bipolar with less impact than your own type). I’ve known wild joy though (happy I guess) and profound grief/sadness and without one, I don’t think the other would have been so startling. We all see that particular equation in our own unique ways though. It sounds like you have some wonderful people in your life too! What a blessing! 🙂

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    1. Yes I am Bipolar 1. The mania has gotten me in some difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. My family has been there for me and I spent 2 times in a mental health facility when my Bipolar got upgraded to Bipolar 1 with Psychosis. I was seeing and hearing things and even feeling things. My current medication cocktail has calmed that down thankfully.


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