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Share Your World – 7-6-2020

Share Your World – 7-6-2020


I am writing this from my new blog. I wrote under the name Teresa Smeigh on Now I am using a pen name on



In your opinion, what’s the closest thing to real magic? I would have to say the incredibly talented magicians you see on TV.

Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been? I lived near a pig farm and that smell is horrendous and they closed that place down 20 or so years ago.

What are some things that you’ve heard in your own life, which sounded like compliments but were actually insults? My ex-husband had a way of telling me how smart I was and I could do anything and then behind my back insult me. I knew he was telling other people how awful I was. So I couldn’t take anything he said as a compliment because I know he was telling his friends other things. Maybe some of the things were compliments, but who could believe them?

What incredibly common thing have you never done? Lied to a cop. It worked. I only got a warning the few times I was stopped.

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2 thoughts on “Share Your World – 7-6-2020”

  1. Thanks Tessa for Sharing Your World!! Hog farms have got to be among the worst stenches out there. When I lived in Salt Lake City, they had several that were west of the city, out in the boonies (desert) and sometimes when the wind was strong and blowing to the east? You’d catch a whiff. P.U.! So that’s the secret to getting a warning instead of a ticket? Don’t lie to the cop! Thanks for the advice! 😀

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    1. Don’t forget to be polite as well. He comes up and says good morning and I reply politely back. Voices never raise and I don’t talk back. It works for me. Well I have only been stopped a few times and a few accidents so that’s been my experience. He darn well knows you were speeding. Lying about it isn’t going to help your case.


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