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Thursday photo prompt: Vista #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Vista #writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a wide, summer landscape, seen from a narrow path near the top of a hill that looks out across a valley.

Rolling Down the Hill

By Tessa Dean July 2020

Mark Lohan was standing at the top of the hill surveying the vista with his five-year-old twin sons, Phillip and William. He was breathing heavily from the trip up the hill, and he was trying to slow down his breathing and enjoy the landscape spread below him.

“Can we, dad? Please?”

“Please,” William joined in.

“Please, what, you two?” Mark is not paying very close attention to the two boys.

“We want to roll down the hill, please,” they beg together.

“Don’t be silly,” Mark tells the boys, “it is too steep for you.”

“No, it’s not, please,” and William reaches out and shoves Phillip down the hill and quickly starts rolling behind him.

Mark yells at them to stop, but the momentum was building, and they couldn’t stop. The danger of the situation hits the boys as they see the stone wall looming up in front of them, and they can’t stop themselves. Mark starts down the hillside after them, but fears he won’t reach the boys in time to stop them from rolling into the wall.

A stranger happens on the scene and quickly throws himself in front of the wall to stop the boys from hitting it full force. Luckily the boys were close enough together that he was able to provide a softer cushion for them both to land against rather than the stone wall.

The boys were crying, and Mark stumbles down the last few feet to land near them. He grabs them in a hug, thanking the stranger.

“Thank the kind man, you two. I don’t know what got into you.”

After the boys thank him, they stand quietly by their father. They are no longer eager to get very far away from him, hugging him tightly.

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