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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Writing Challenge

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Hey everyone, this is Teresa Smeigh from and I am posting on my new blog I am writing with a pen name now.

Thanks to Eclectic Alli for hosting this prompt.

If we were having coffee, for one thing I wouldn’t have coffee as I don’t drink it and it is way too hot anyhow. I am mainly drinking water only or occasionally I will make a pitcher of ice tea. You can choose your poison.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am working on my new novel for NaNoWriMo and keeping slightly ahead of target for the month. I count anything to do with writing in my 3 hours a day goal. If I am writing great. If I am watching a how-to video that is also great. As long as it deals with writing it is fine. Still trying to come up with a title for the book. That is proving a little harder as the subject leads to titles used a few times already which I am told you can’t copyright a title so that isn’t a problem, but I would like something a little different. It has a working title of “Dangerous Obsession.”

My dad has recovered from Covid-19 and on Wednesday night my sister and I are going to the nursing home to visit. Visitation is being allowed by the governor but must be held outside and within social distancing guidelines. Fine with us since we have no desire to go inside the building which is riddled with the virus.

I tossed the outline I struggled all of June with and am pantsing my books as usual. It is in my head and there is no need for an outline. All I really need is a list of character names as they get confusing at times and their relation to the protagonist. Still trying to figure out how to use different POVs (point of view) because I think that will add some necessary parts of the story that would be missing if I was just telling it with a narrator, the protagonist. I need to get inside the heads of those other characters.

I had the second injection on my spine and I am in worse pain than the first one. I spent most of today lying down to ease the pain. Sitting is uncomfortable for long periods of time. I also have to wear a back brace for timed periods throughout the day. This could increase the pain.

Be safe everyone,

Tessa – 

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