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Thursday photo prompt: Fantasy #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Fantasy #writephoto

This week’s prompt ~ Fantasy

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a green landscape of rolling hills and an island in a bay. In the foreground, pastel-painted buildings and a tall clock tower are surrounded by summer trees.

Shade Trees

By Tessa Dean August 2020

Trixie was carefully checking the area out. She was looking for a new home, and she wanted to be near the water as her boyfriend, Mark, loved to fish, and so did her two young sons, Randy and Ross. Mark was willingly teaching them how to fish. It didn’t matter to him that they were only four years old. He loved them both dearly, so much more than their father did it would seem. He loved to spend time with them.

She was approaching a row of homes that appeared to be facing the water’s edge. She couldn’t tell much from the back if the homes had the requirements the men and boys were looking for in their new home.

Trixie didn’t care either way since fishing wasn’t her idea of a great time. In her fantasy, she was looking for a waterfront view and shady trees so she could lie there and spend her spare time reading. Laughing at that, Trixie realized just how little time she would have for that little fantasy with four-year-old twin boys to take care of and usually by herself since their father didn’t have the time to spend with them he claimed.

The realtor was chatting away, and Trixie let her voice roll over her. She couldn’t wait until they got to the front of the house they were here to see. She was looking for a place to call their own with just the right requirements.

They headed down the path to the front of the row of houses. Trixie gasped at the beauty spread before her. The house they were heading to had a tiny little pier out front and huge elm trees in the front yard that provided lots of shade. She could hang a hammock out there, and the men and boys could fish.

“This is it,” Trixie exclaimed to the realtor. “This is the one I want. Please start the paperwork. I want to move in right away.”

***********330 words***********

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