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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Writing Challenge

WeekendCoffeeShare – Writing Challenge – Youtube and Writing

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Hey everyone, this is Teresa Smeigh from and I am posting on my new blog I am writing with a pen name now.

Thanks to Eclectic Alli for hosting this prompt.

If we were having coffee, for one thing I wouldn’t have coffee as I don’t drink it and it is way too hot anyhow. I am mainly drinking water only or occasionally I will make a pitcher of ice tea. You can choose your poison.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I won NaNoWriMo and hit my goal on July 23. I am still working diligently on the novel I started. It is a thriller and I am obsessed with the story and it has kept me working even though the month is over and I usually quit whatever I started writing for the month. I love this story and am working hard at it. I am over 40,000 words already. It might not make full novel length so might just be a novella, but I am working to actually finish it. I have never completed anything I started on NaNoWriMo and this looks like I might actually complete it. It will most likely be posted on my blog or WattPad as a second choice. I have my own blog so not sure I will post it on However, I still have a ways to go until completion so I will make a decision then.

My dad has recovered from Covid-19 my sister and I went to the nursing home to visit. Visitation is being allowed by the governor but must be held outside and within social distancing guidelines. Fine with us since we have no desire to go inside the building which is riddled with the virus.

I had the third injection on my spine and I am in worse pain than the first two. This was the absolute worst one. I spent most of Thursday and Friday recovering.

I am a dummy and got lured into one of the Medicare scams going around. I wasn’t doing my best and they got me. I had to call Medicare and get a new number due to fraud and now dealing with changing the number at all my doctors, pharmacy, etc. Plus I have to watch my claims to see when they try to use it. I got the items Saturday and I had to refuse them unopened and return them. Now we watch for any wrongful claims. Hopefully within a month or so this will pass as they no longer will accept that number and if it slips by they will retract any payments. I already know they aren’t accepting the number as I got a notice from the pharmacy that they couldn’t fill my Part B prescriptions due to the number change.

Everyone be aware. Scams are everywhere and they prey on those of us on Medicare more. I wasn’t as vigilant as usual and they are getting smarter. They played me and won, but I realized it almost immediately and called Medicare (requesting a new number and they don’t always approve that so I had to wait and see, but they did approve the change) and then reported it to the state attorney general, the Federal Trade Commission and my local police.

Be safe everyone,

Tessa – 

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6 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Writing Challenge”

  1. Hi Tessa congrats on smashing the NaNoWriMo and all the best with finishing up,
    Glad to read that your father is recovering, yeah I hate hospital visits and I think outside visits are a bit more cheerful.
    Damn scammers one can never be too careful these days at least you picked on it before anything had gone awry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes those scammers are terrible and getting so much better at their quite elaborate schemes.

      My dad was lucky and he was asymptomatic and therefore he did not get sick from it. He is in a nursing home due to a stroke from which he won’t recover from. It is slowly still destroying brain cells. He still knows us most of the time at least.

      And thank you for the best wishes on my new story. I am quite excited about it.


    1. Thanks Gary. It sure isn’t fun, but hopefully I caught it soon enough and nothing more will come of it once they return the claim when it comes through. They do NOT have the new number and they are turning things down on the old number, but they might sneak it through just the once so I will have to keep Medicare alerted and have them check new claims coming in.


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