News Flash – Just spent 6 weeks in hospital

It wasn’t good news. I have congestive heart failure. I was on oxygen and it took almost 4 weeks in a rehab hospital to wean me off the oxygen. I still have some problems breathing, coughing, temperature (some possibly due to a flu shot), swelling in the feet and legs. I had four Covid 19 tests. All negative. They are very painful. I haven’t felt like writing and after 6 weeks in bed 24 hours a day, most days, I am having a hard time readjusting to the real world.

I have to find a cardiologist now. I have to have another sleep test since my sleep apnea is slowly shutting down my organs and I need to get it under control.

I got my hearing aids today although I am feeling scared to put them in.

I have a huge list of doctors to see. This is not helping my depression.


10 thoughts on “News Flash – Just spent 6 weeks in hospital”

  1. You’re really going through some tough times, of late. I am hoping that your health will improve rapidly. I know it’s difficult to be positive when so many troubles come your way at the same time(!), but I also know that dealing with those troubles in as positive a way as you can, helps. Know that I am praying for you.

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