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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Hospitals and NANOWRIMO

WeekendCoffeeShare – Hospitals and NANOWRIMO

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If we were having coffee, I would apologize for being MIA so long. I spent 6 weeks in the hospital due to now having congestive heart failure and a lot of other issues. I had oxygen for quite a while and spent 3.5 of those weeks in a rehab hospital getting off the oxygen. I still have and will have problems breathing, but not needing full-time oxygen yet. Last night I had my fourth sleep study. I have had sleep apnea for at least 15 to 20 years and it has been untreated due to not being able to find a mask to fit. So it is the underlying cause of my health issues. I researched and found that children get sleep apnea so I had to force the hand of my doctor and get them to get me a child’s mask. Hopefully, this will fix the fit issue and I will be able to use a BiPap machine for breathing. Right now I am so exhausted from constantly waking up all night that I am sleeping all day and all night. Not good, plus it causes lots of physical problems with congestive heart failure being one of them.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this November. I am still working diligently on the novel I started, but it is now in rewrite. Too many things wrong with it, but going to rewrite it for November. It is a thriller and I am obsessed with the story and it has kept me working even though the month I wrote it in originally is long over. I usually quit whatever I started writing for the month. I love this story and am working hard at it. It might not make full novel length so might just be a novella, but I am working to actually finish it eventually even with the rewrite. I have never completed anything I started on NaNoWriMo and this looks like I might actually complete it. It will most likely be posted on my blog or WattPad as a second choice. I have my own blog so not sure I will post it on However, I still have a ways to go until completion so I will make a decision then.

My blog has been kind of abandoned all these months and now that I have gotten so involved with youtube I have even less time for it. I do videos and do live streaming for sprints for writing. I have gotten over my fear of the camera and there is a link to my channel in the signature below if you want to check it out. I lost a lot of subscribers when I was in the hospital so working towards my first goal of 100 subscribers again. I only have 8 to go at the moment. 100 is the first goal on

I lost a lot of the prompts I was doing. Some for sad reasons and some I don’t know what happened. So I am looking for new ones to keep me writing.

Be safe everyone,

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18 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Hospitals and NANOWRIMO”

  1. What you’re going through is really messed up. Don’t give another thought to those lost followers. You will gain new ones who aren’t fair weather friends. I hope you will do NaNoWriMo, please add me as a buddy if you do. My username is strider-lee

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  2. YEah! you’re home… annnnd doing NANO! I won’t be alone, then. I’m doing a rewrite of a very old story (circa 1980’s). I’ve already started doing a little writing. I know, it’s early, but I’ll lose the last week of Nov. with Hubby home from work. I’ve dropped Facebook from my life… too much negative/political junk there. Not even missing it, save for Sunday worship services… but I can find others elsewhere.

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    1. I just posted an excerpt from my rewrite. I haven’t been on FaceBook in ages although that is where my daughter posts photos of my newest grandson. I did see him tonight. He is almost a year old and he was a very good baby while we were out for dinner as long as you fed him of course LOL!

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  3. Glad to hear you are out of the hospital and getting back on track and writing. I’ve had insomnia a while back before I got diagnosed with anxiety, and I was close to being admitted for a sleep study just before COVID happened. Starting medications for my GAD addressed my sleeping problem and other issues, but there are still few exacerbations every now and then, but manageable. I hope your new masks address the issue for your bipap machine for a good night’s rest. Thanks for coffee and posting your youtube link. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I am back to writing, but a lot of my old prompts aren’t here any more. Some I know why and some just aren’t around any more and don’t know what happened. I like using prompts.

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  4. Wow, your hospital experience and the sleep apnea must’ve been so frustrating. I really hope that you’ll be able to get a mask that fits soon and that you’ll feel less exhausted. It’s a shame they couldn’t come up with a custom solution for you and you had to discover that children get sleep apnea too in order for you to find what will hopefully be a rather delayed treatment.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I’ve never participated and don’t think I can.

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    1. Thank you Astrid. They are dragging this whole sleep apnea thing out. And I shouldn’t have had to do the research on the mask either. The doctor should have known better. I was told to change doctors.

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      1. The doctor at the hospital told me that they have a whole sleep study department within their practice, but not sure who he was. I have been with my current one for at least 20 years, but essentially he isn’t doing much, now this time I laid down my terms and he did order a child’s mask, but the sleep study wasn’t a split one which doesn’t help. So far, nothing.

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  5. Hi Tessa
    Just took a quick visit to the YouTube and you are one more subscriber closer to 100 ^_^
    Good to hear that you up and about again and doing Nanowrimo woohoo… one of these years I might doit and actually finally get published hahaha
    have an awesome week

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