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Three Things Challenge #421

Three Things Challenge #421

Pensitivity101 Rules:

Welcome to The Three Things Challenge.
Every day I’ll list three things that may, or may not, be related. The challenge is to simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you, using one, two or all three words in your post. There are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre apart from keeping it family friendly.

You can use the 3TC, #threethingschallenge or TTC as a tag and the logo if you wish.
Invite us along by creating a pingback to this post and don’t forget to leave your link in the comments so that other people can read your writings and I’ll see it to respond to you directly. While you’re there, why not check out some of the other posts too!

Have fun and these are your three things today are:



Betty finished ironing her shirt, making nice crisp creases in the darts. She hung it up on a hangar and then laid it on top of her laundry basket so she could take it upstairs and hang it up.

Jerry came running into the kitchen covered in mud and blood. My blouse she thought about a minute too late.

Jerry ran straight for the stairs and pushed her laundry basket out of the way with his dirty hands. He started running up the stairs. “You had better run,” Betty shouted at him. “Where did the blood come from anyhow?”

“I cut myself on a broken bottle someone threw into the yard. I was trying to pick it up to throw it away. Sorry about the mess.”

“I want to kill you right now, young man, but let me see that cut. You are filthy and it needs to be cleaned.”

“Aw ma, let me clean it myself. I can do it.”

“Jerry, you simply aren’t old enough to clean it properly.”

“Ma, I know you are going to make it hurt even more. Can’t you clean it without hurting so much?”

“Come here or I will pour alcohol on it and if you think it hurts now, just wait until the alcohol hits it.”

Jerry sighed, and headed over to his mom. Gingerly he held out his hand. Betty cringes. It would need stitches. Now that would hurt. Her blouse was ruined so she ripped it into strips and tied them around the cut to try and stop the bleeding on the trip to the doctor’s office.

“Next time,” she said, “please get an adult to pick up the glass. You are too young to be doing it, do you hear me?”

“Okay, Ma, I get it, but do I really need stitches?”

“Yes, Jerry, now move it.”

Jerry stomped out to the car, trying not to cry.


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