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The Weekly Smile for the 14th of December, 2020

The Weekly Smile for the 14th of December, 2020

This week’s smile is that I finally out of the hospital again. I spent a week and I half in there with Colitis, which is pretty nasty and involves the stomach, intestines, etc. I still can’t tolerate solid food for the most part. In 8 weeks I have to have a colonoscopy to see if I have an autoimmune disorder or just an infection. Autoimmune as in ulcerative colitis, chrohns disease, diverticulitis etc and they don’t go away. Infectious, well it will take a while, but eventually I might be eating solid food again. They tested me for a lot of infections and did not find one, but there is still the possibility of food poisoning. I got it the day after Thanksgiving and I had a restaurant meal. They are guessing it is food poisoning, but I have had food poisoning before and it wasn’t this bad. So far I can eat toast, jelly, vegetable juice and noodles. I also handled potato and shrimp and other meats. I can’t have lactose and that was made very apparent when I tried a dairy-free frozen dessert that the store told me was the same thing. Uh, no it wasn’t. Within 10 minutes I was in agony and it took all afternoon and part of the night to go away. Must stay lactose free on carton. I had lactaid milk with chocolate and that was fine. I am also restricted in fiber. So very low fiber, no lactose, no low sodium and low sugar. Doesn’t leave me much to choose from.

However I am out of the hospital so smiles for me.

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5 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile for the 14th of December, 2020”

  1. Couldn’t click the ‘like’ button because this sounds pretty terrible! I have something weird like that too that strikes, seemingly out of the blue, but I think might be lactose related. Sure makes traveling hard. Even harder for you with no fiber, no dairy, no no no! I hope you can get it figured out and move on to an easier time!

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