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Three Things Challenge #473

Three Things Challenge #473

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This is not the first thing I wrote for this, but this story popped into my mind and so here it is:

The Birthday Party

By Tessa Dean January 2021

Thomas was thoughtful. He kept turning the same thing over and over in his mind. Thomas was weak, especially when it came to Ginny. Ginny had planned for them to go to a charity affair tomorrow night and had paid a lot of money months ago for the tickets.

Thomas was fine with that and had prepared for it with a new suit and everything, but he had no idea his mother would plan his baby brother’s first birthday party for the same night. He loved Anthony and besides family was important to him.

Ginny was not going to understand him if he told her he wasn’t going to take her. What should he do he agonized over and over in his mind? Ginny had lots of other young men who would die for a date with her, but she was his girlfriend. She meant a lot to him as well, but family was family.

He called Ginny and told her that he couldn’t take her to the charity affair tomorrow as it was his baby brother, Anthony’s, first birthday party. He was expected to attend. He would understand if she wanted to get another young man to take her. He would even understand if she wanted to break up. She didn’t owe him anything. They were still young and had only started dating less than a year ago.

To his surprise Ginny said to him, “Thomas I wouldn’t think of asking you to miss your brother’s first birthday party. And I would be honored to meet this young man if you are willing to take me to the party.”

“Oh Ginny, you are the sweetest thing. I would be a lucky man to have you on my arm to meet my younger brother. He is going to love you!”


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