Quickie 7 of 9 From a Guy Called Bloke

Quickie 7 of 9 From a Guy Called Bloke

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Season 1 – Game 07 of 09

Everyone enjoys a quickie right …. l mean it doesn’t ‘always’ have to be over too quick – but just not take toooooooooooooo long either, otherwise where’s the fun for a quickie on the weekend?

They’ll touch base with anything and everything and sometimes none of the above but something else!!

6 Quickie Questions

How is it that sheep don’t shrink in the rain when they get wet? I have no idea although I suppose we add chemicals to the cotton when it is processed.
SCOTUS, POTUS, FLOTUS, VPOTUS, COTUS and TOTUS stand for what? I know some of these definitely stand for titles in the US Government. POTUS is President of the US States and VPOTUS IS Vice President of the US States.
What’s the weather like today where you are? Clear with a high of 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
How quickly do you respond to email messages or texts once you receive them from the sender? I used to do it immediately upon receipt. Texts I try to answer right away because they are usually important, but as for emails, half the time I lose them before answering them. I try to mark them with a star so I can go back and find them since I get so much junk in my email right now. Time to declutter the email box. So many newsletters I will never read.
Have you ever discoloured your washing or shrunk something you wish you hadn’t – how, why and what? Oh yes unfortunately. I had a dress that said to dry clean. I couldn’t figure out why. It was cotton, but looked washable. It was burgundy with beige flowers. I washed it and had pink flowers and whatever was in the wash with it became a weird color pink as well. As for shrinking, I had a short, above the belly top that was made of lacy type material and so after shrinking it in the wash it was super short. I was young and thin then so could get away with still wearing it some places.
How far would you go to get a laugh? I wouldn’t go far at all. I do not care to make people laugh.

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2 thoughts on “Quickie 7 of 9 From a Guy Called Bloke”

  1. Hey Tessa,

    Sorry for tardy reply, the notification to your post only arrived a few moments ago in my pending file.

    Well answered and yes l have recently accidentally shrunk a woollen scarf, thankfully it was too long to begin with, now it is ‘just long enough’ not as soft though sadly.

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