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Sunday Writing Prompt – 10th January – Getting Lucky

Sunday Writing Prompt – 10th January – Getting Lucky

This week write your response to the expression ‘Getting Lucky”.
What circumstances in your life would give rise to you feeling lucky, or getting lucky?
Go have fun and leave a link to your writing in the comments section below.


My ex-husband and I had decided that we wanted to have three children and his personal request was that the first one be a boy. Well as luck would have it, child number one was a girl. The time came to start trying for child number two and again his one wish was that it was a boy. As luck would have it again, we had a second daughter. Time had run out and he was getting out of the military so we had to put the third child on hold.

Years passed and we were getting older. We were watching the movie “Micki and Maud” and the ending was filled with a lot of babies and we started to think about that third child. It wasn’t an ideal time, but I was almost 30 and didn’t want any more children after I turned 30 (well actually I guess that would be 31). 30 was my cutoff date. We were both really thinking that we wanted to have that third child. It had always been our plan to have three children.

Our marriage was pretty rocky and sex wasn’t often so the chances of me getting pregnant were kind of slim. But as luck would have it I got pregnant on our very first try. I knew the exact date of conception obviously since we hardly had sex and I looked at the calendar and said it is possible. Just one try and BINGO, I hit the jackpot. I was pregnant. Now again he wanted a boy. I told him no matter what the sex this was our last child period. We didn’t find out the sex until the day I pushed that baby out. I was hoping for another girl and had everything washed and ready for another one. That was all we seemed to have.

So the day came and I pushed and there was silence until the staff started to sing “Happy Birthday.” I assumed it was another girl. Well my husband was kind of speechless because lo and behold it was a BOY this time. I guess it just took waiting long enough for those boys to wake up and start swimming. We went home and packed up all the little girl clothes and went shopping for boy clothes. It was just a few months shy of my 31st birthday.


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