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Take Seven 15th January

Take Seven 15th January by Pensitivity101 – Rules below:

It’s Friday!

Welcome to my Take Seven compilation which incorporates all 21 words (or derivatives) from the Three Things Challenge for the past week.
You are most welcome to join in using as many or all of the words too. Just pingback to this post and then leave a link to your post in the comments so that I can see it and respond directly.
As always, have fun, and I hope you enjoy this week’s effort.

Our words were:
ago, anywhere, bad, change, chest, dashed, doldrums, early, expectation, few, just, mistress, outlook, past, planning, sing, teasing, thoughtful, tomorrow, want, weak


The Birthday Party Part 3 (Part 1, Part 2)

By Tessa Dean January 2021

A day ago, he was sure that Ginny would say no to going to Anthony’s party instead of the fancy affair, and when he asked her, she hadn’t dashed his hopes and said no right off the bat. He hoped she wasn’t teasing him, but his friends seemed to think that she was just putting him on and that she was planning on asking one of them to take her to the fancy affair in his place.

The doldrums settled in, and he became thoughtful. How well did he know Ginny? They had met early in the year, and a few months later, they became boyfriend and girlfriend officially. He didn’t know what her expectations were for their relationship as he had never asked. He usually asked her where she wanted to go on a date, and she usually replied, “Anywhere is fine with me.” She had been planning the date to the charity ball for a few months, and so when he asked her about going to the birthday party tomorrow instead, he was surprised she didn’t say no right off the bat.

He didn’t want to appear weak, so he didn’t keep asking her if she was sure about giving up the charity ball. He would call tomorrow and tell her what time he would pick her up for the party.

He changed for bed and looked in his closet to see which of his jeans were suitable for the birthday party. They weren’t going anywhere fancy, but he didn’t want to look bad. She was a fine-looking woman, and so he wanted to look nice without his family thinking he was becoming too fancy for them. He wondered what she would wear. He didn’t want his family thinking she was his mistress, and this was the first time they would be meeting her. She always dressed fine in the past, but hopefully, she would tone it down for tomorrow.

Just before he went to bed, his friend Joseph called and said, “I have some bad news for you, man. Ginny just called and asked me to take her to the charity ball tomorrow night.”

“What? Are you kidding me, man?”

“No, I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t do that to you, man. I said no, but I heard that Wayne told her yes.”

Thomas was dazed. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His whole outlook on their relationship just changed within minutes. He thanked Joseph for having his back and went to bed.

Thankfully he hadn’t told his mother that Ginny was coming yet. That would have been too embarrassing to have to tell her what happened. No one else needed to know.

The next night the party started. The family had gathered around Anthony’s high chair where he sat with his cake, and there was a commotion at the door just before they began to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Thomas waited to see who was at the door. “Oh Thomas, I am so sorry I am late,” a familiar voice said. “I hope I didn’t miss the whole party. My mom had to go to the hospital. She’s ok, but I had to bring her home and get her settled into bed before I could come over to the party.”

“Ginny?” Thomas went into the hall to greet her. She was alone and dressed for a little boy’s birthday party and not a fancy charity ball. “I am sorry about not calling you with a time to pick you up. Joseph told me he had a message for me from you, and I believed him. I am so sorry for not calling you, and I am glad your mother is ok.”

“What could Joseph possibly have to tell you about me? I haven’t talked to him or any of your friends in weeks.”

“Never mind, I think I need some new friends. You are just in time to sing “Happy Birthday.” They sang, and then he introduced Ginny around as his girlfriend.


Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses

New Author’s Website –http://www.tessadeanauthor.com

Author – Old Writing –  http://www.finallyawriter.com

About my life –  http://www.tessacandoit.com

Author of a book, a work in progress on the blog, https://tessacandoit.com/government-property-a-memoir-as-a-military-wife/

Highlighted chapters are done and ready to be read.

I am also a youtuber in the authortube section on writing. See my videos here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpNS-6gfJ0s8eD1berLwQg

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