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The Weekly Smile for the 18th of January, 2021 #weeklysmile

The Weekly Smile for the 18th of January, 2021 #weeklysmile

My smile is a little off kilter this time. I am starting to get my beta readers notes back. One of my readers, although I don’t know which blog they are from, has also volunteered and I hoped they received their invitation and beta copy. I had trouble sending them at first, but I think everyone has theirs by now according to Google.

The reason I say the smile is off kilter is that getting criticism, constructive or not, of your baby is hard. I am thankful for everyone who volunteered to read and review for me and I definitely wanted honest opinions and I don’t know why I am even mentioning this, because the very first one I got back has been raving about it. Yes there are some issues (the part it is hard to smile about), but she is emphatic on that it is a very good book and I need to publish it and she wants to do a review for me.

Now I have explained the issue with actually publishing it, whether traditional or Indie, due to the financials. I can’t make money or I might lose my government benefits since I don’t know what all the different limits are. If I lost even part of them I would be in dire financial straights and my medications needed to live, for example, insulin, are very expensive.

So I am between a rock and a hard place. I would to see my book published eventually, but now is not the time for sure. Maybe never. However, when I get my pension at the end of the year it might take me over some of my limits and then I will be scrambling to try and publish and hope it is as good as she seems to think it is. She is a published author herself which doesn’t mean a whole lot since Indie writers can publish anything they want LOL!

So I am smiling and hopefully not grimacing as I start making changes to my baby which I am now considering making a series if I can come up with the ideas. I love those small town series where you know all the characters, their houses and businesses, and they slowly start to die off since I am doing thrillers/mystery/suspense, etc.

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