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Three Things Challenge #483

Three Things Challenge #483

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The Birthday Party Part 7 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, Part 6)

By Tessa Dean January 2021

Thomas had been doing a lot of thinking. He knew he was young at 19 to be considering marriage, but his parents married young and he didn’t think they would object if he were to get engaged to Ginny. He hadn’t spoken to Ginny yet about the matter and her feelings about marriage. He resolved to start feeling her out on the subject if possible. He had decided that he was ready for marriage and even to have children although at this point neither of them had very good jobs so getting married right now would be a little bit unwise.

And that is where the parents might not agree on the idea being a good one. Ginny’s mom lived alone except for Ginny and her aides. Thomas and Ginny would need a place to live. They should be able to stand on their own feet if they got married. There wasn’t room at Ginny’s house since it was just a two bedroom home. Her mom’s room and Ginny’s room were the only bedrooms and there was just one living room and one bathroom leaving them little privacy. Ginny’s room wasn’t very large so it would be hard for him to move in with her there.

They certainly couldn’t live in his room since he shared a room with 3 of his brothers. They had two sets of bunkbeds in there. There was another bedroom with four brothers and then the youngest two shared a room since Anthony had been moved out of mom and dad’s room in preparation for the twins. That room had one bunkbed and Anthony’s crib for now which he will be moving out of once the twins were born. He would then get the lower bunk bed in that room and eventually the newest boy would move in with them. The twins would share the crib in their parents’ bedroom for now. They didn’t now what they would do once the twins got older and the little girl would need her own room. All boys were easy.


Ginny and Thomas were curled on the hammock together watching little Anthony play. He was getting bigger and Thomas’s mother was due any time now as the twins were growing quite large and it was hard for her to get around. The twins were going to be a handful and Thomas had a feeling his mother and father were counting on his help with the twins once they were born. He glanced sideways at Ginny. What was she thinking? She had a smile on her face. She appeared to love Anthony and spent lots of time playing with him. Her mother had three aides that came in everyday to take care of her. One during the day, one at dinner time and until she went to bed. Another aide came in for the night time shift. Ginny did not have to be there all the time. She just liked to spend time with her mom so she wasn’t lonely. The aides were just to see to her creature comforts and make sure she didn’t get hurt or needed medical attention at which point they called the nurse who would decide if a doctor was needed.

Anthony toddled over to Ginny and tried to climb up into her lap on the hammock. She picked him up and snuggled him. Thomas couldn’t resist. “Ginny what do you think about our getting married and someday soon having a child of our own?”

Ginny glanced at him in surprise. “Wow Thomas, I don’t know. We are kind of young still and don’t have very good jobs. I had hoped to go to college this coming fall and study to be a nurse. Don’t you have any college plans?”

“I was going to go to technical school for auto mechanics. I already know a lot since I help my dad in his repair shop. I just planned on working there and taking classes at night.”

“Well the nursing course is steady, full-time, for two years for my RN and then two more years to get my BSN degree. I want to be a pediatric nurse and work with children. I want my own someday, yes, but I want to get my nursing degree first.”

Thomas’s face fell. He was hoping she would be all for it. “I didn’t realize you planned to go to a full college for a nursing degree. I guess we haven’t talked about that much.”

“Thomas, four years is not that long. We can get engaged now if you want, but with the understanding that we would not get married until after I graduated. What do you think about that?”

Thomas was silent for a bit while he thought. “So you will agree to become engaged and to be my wife once you graduate in four years? I will get you a ring and we can then announce it to our families and explain that we aren’t getting married right away if that is what you want.”

Ginny hugged and kissed Thomas squishing poor little Anthony between them. “Yes, I will agree to that and I think your parents will need a lot of help with the twins and I can help there as well. I will be almost family if we’re engaged.


Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses

New Author’s Website –http://www.tessadeanauthor.com

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Author of a book, a work in progress on the blog, https://tessacandoit.com/government-property-a-memoir-as-a-military-wife/

Highlighted chapters are done and ready to be read.

I am also a youtuber in the authortube section on writing. See my videos here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpNS-6gfJ0s8eD1berLwQg

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