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Reena’s Exploration Challenge 169


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I am terrified of needles. As a child they used to have to chase me around the office to give me my shot. At the age of 18 I embarrassed my father at the emergency room. I had fallen and since I was carrying a bottle in my hand, I landed on it and shattered it into 100’s of pieces that had to be picked out of my hand one by one. I was already infected so it required a tetanus shot. I started yelling bloody murder although I didn’t run away this time. My dad said, “Haven’t you outgrown that yet?” Uh, well no I guess I haven’t. Next time I was 30 years old and my dad took me for outpatient surgery. The nurse walked into the room with two needles on a small tray. I was ready to start yelling, but I looked at my dad’s face and thought of last time and said to myself, ok self, it is time to get over this you are 30 years old now, not a child. I made it through.

Now I am a diabetic who had to learn to give herself shots. Granted the insulin pens are much easier. And now I am always in the hospital and always giving blood, getting insulin, flu shots or whatever. They still scare me, but mind over matter, and I make it through.

Waiting for my turn for the new Covid-19 vaccination. I just got the notice for the senior citizens, but I have to be 65 or over and I am just under 65. So I have to wait until the next time.

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