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The Weekly Smile for the 25th of January #weeklysmile

The Weekly Smile for the 25th of January #weeklysmile

My smile would have to be the amount of writing I am getting done. Book 2 of the first series is on hold at the moment while I work on the beta reader’s constructive criticism. Nothing major so far and I am on the second reader and so far the two have not found the same things so I am not sure if that is good or bad. In some ways it is good because they are finding more things. Phrases rather than complete sentences and lots of proofreading type errors. I tend to forget the 2nd quotes on dialog all the time. Run on sentences, etc.

But what really is making me smile is that I have a possibility of another book on my hands. Different genre. More young adult romance type of thing. I started a prompt and it is a daily one. It has 3 words (not related) and you can create a post. Well the first one came to me after I had already finished and published the blog post so went back and redid it and then the next day the words fit and so on and now I have a 15 part serial story all from prompts and it has the makings of a YA book. I am not real familiar with that genre so will have to do some research, but it is just flowing so I think it is a good possibility I have going right now for another book/series. The series part I am not sure about, but definitely think one book can come from this.

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Highlighted chapters are done and ready to be read.

I am also a youtuber in the authortube section on writing. See my videos here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpNS-6gfJ0s8eD1berLwQg

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