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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #170

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #170

Welcome to yet another week!

I don’t see the scenario changing as expected. I see faint glimmers of hope, not the bright sun. Will 2021 be another transitional year, or a pathbreaking year?

Let’s go off at a tangent, and conquer —- our mindsets, if nothing else. Control the controllable!

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There are so many things that we can’t control. I don’t see this year being much better than last year although one can hope.

As far as things we can control, that is a very small list in my opinion.

  1. I can get a vaccine, but I can’t control what others do. I also can’t control how the vaccine will work considering how little testing was done on them.
  2. I can order most of my products online to avoid stores, but sometimes you can’t avoid it completely.
  3. I can use telemed for most of my appointments, but some I simply have to go to. I have to go to the eye doctor and the lung doctor and the podiatrist. Oh and the nephrologist for my kidneys. I think that could have been done by telemed since he wasn’t actually listening to or touching my kidneys, but they made me come in. I will have to see the cardiologist in person as well too. And my transportation is in person.


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