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Take Seven: 29th January

Take Seven: 29th January

Pensitivity101 Rules:

It’s Friday!

Welcome to my Take Seven compilation which incorporates all 21 words (or derivatives) from the Three Things Challenge for the past week.
You are most welcome to join in using as many or all of the words too. Just pingback to this post and then leave a link to your post in the comments so that I can see it and respond directly.
As always, have fun, and I hope you enjoy this week’s effort.

Our words were:
air, arched, ballet, bathed, cool, crescent, dimension, face, fear, majestic, mellow, morning, pair, retreat, ripple, sense, sleep, soft, sparrow, unrest, world


Ginny woke up to a cool air blowing over her. The blankets were down around her feet. Somehow she had kicked them off after returning to bed once she had put Anthony back down to bed. It was still early morning and no one was stirring, but someone either had turned down the heat or opened a window near her. She sat up and looked around. She wasn’t used to waking up on a couch rather than her own bed.

“Boo!” A young voice came from behind the couch. It was Roger, Thomas’s four-year-old brother. He had on a pair of shoes along with his pajamas.

“What are you doing up so early, Roger?” Ginny asked him as he climbed up on the couch with her.

“I couldn’t sleep. There was a dog barking outside.” The next thing she knew there was Anthony trailing his soft blanket behind him. He yawned and then climbed up beside Roger and right on Ginny’s lap. She pulled the blankets up and covered them all but their faces. Anthony yawned again and it had a ripple effect and they were all yawning.

Mrs. Banks came down to start getting breakfast ready. “It sure is cold down here. Do you have a window open?”

Ginny said, “No, I don’t have a window open, but it is cold down here. Is the heater working?”

Mrs. Banks went to check on it while Ginny wandered over to the window and glanced out at the snow covering their little part of the world. The sparrows were flying around trying to keep warm. It was strange that sparrows didn’t fly down south for the winter Ginny thought.

Everyone must have sensed it was time for breakfast as they started to appear one by one. Thomas came over to the couch and gave Ginny a quick kiss. “How did you sleep,” he asked her.

“Not very well,’ she said. ‘Anthony came down here twice during the night and then Roger came down because he said the dogs were barking outside. He seemed to fear them or maybe he was shaking from the cold. It is very cold down here. And Anthony can now climb out of his crib all by himself. He woke me up climbing on the couch with me.”

Thomas turned on the television and the first show was about the civil unrest in the world. Ginny shook her head. He flipped the channel and there were divers on a high dive. They arched their backs and did a back dive just like Ginny had done that day during the summer retreat and they had spent the day at the pool. He flipped it again and this time the show featured ballet dancers. “Do you miss it Ginny, ballet I mean,” Thomas watched the majestic dancers.

“Not very much, Thomas although occasionally I will see some dancers and wonder what if.” Ginny snuggled against Thomas, the two boys in her lap. The warmth of their bodies making her feel more mellow. The house seemed warmer perhaps Mrs. Banks was able to figure out what was wrong.

The smell of breakfast began to waft through the house. Ginny was getting hungry. She got up after lifting the two boys off of her and went to help Mrs. Banks with breakfast. She rolled out the crescent rolls and put them in the oven while Mrs. Banks fried up the bacon and eggs and got out the cheese ready to put the sandwiches together as the family began arriving at the table.

Thomas was looking through the Sunday paper and found the apartments for rent section. “Hey Ginny, come look at this ad. This apartment’s dimensions are huge and there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s on the other side of town so still fairly close to everything.”

“Oh Thomas, how much is the rent? If it’s that large it has to be a lot of rent, surely.”

“You know we are probably going to have to get a one bedroom apartment to start. I may have a college scholarship, but my part time job is not going to provide much. We have to live mostly on what you make and you have to pay for your education at the technical school so we will have student loans to pay for between your classes and whatever my scholarship doesn’t pay for.”

“Oh Ginny, I can dream can’t I?”


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