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Sadje brings us her weekly “What Do You See?” Monday Challenge. 

Here’s the photo:

Image credit; Richard Kesperowski@ Unsplash

( For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a couple of water lilies growing in a pond of water)


Oh Grandma, Where are You?

By Tessa Dean February 2021

Amelia looked at the last line of her long list of nursing homes. The list was just for her state because she didn’t think her mother would go too far away from home, but now she was on the last home and no sign of her Grandmother. She had recent pictures in case her Mother had changed her name and so far no one had seen her or had her registered at that nursing home.

Amelia was crying now. She missed her Grandmother who she considered her real mother rather than that whimpering, whiny drunk who gave birth to her. If she found her, unless there was a medical reason she needed to be there, she was bringing her home to live with her.

She got her tissue out and dried her eyes. She wanted to be professional so they would listen to her if her Grandma happened to be there. Please God she prayed. Let Grandma be here.

Amelia approached the southern looking mansion and spotted the small pond with water lilies floating on it. How pretty, she thought. She looked around her. The place looked nice. Would her Mother pay this much for her Mother to live in a nice home like this? Her Mother had money, but she never spent it on her or her Mother. She drank her money away. Probably some drug usage as well.

Amelia walked towards the beautiful white double door entrance. She didn’t know if she should knock or just walk in. She was pretty sure it was a nursing home so she should just walk in.

Opening the door she was met by a woman, who she knew was older than she looked. She looked good for her age. She was in good shape and probably worked out. If she lived here this place must be quite expensive because she was also nicely dressed.

Amelia was stuck on what to say at first. She just couldn’t imagine her Grandma living here, although it was a beautiful place.

“May I help you young lady?” The woman had a sheaf of papers in her hand and was set to look through them.

Amelia began to cry. She tried to talk, but the tears were coming harder and faster. She had vowed not to do this, but this was her last chance for the most part without hiring a private detective.

The woman put an around her and led her over to a plush couch. She sat down next to her with her arm still around her. “What’s wrong honey?”

Amelia worked to pull herself together. She started her spiel. She had used it so many times she knew it by heart. She reached in her purse and pulled out her pictures and before she could say a thing, the woman said, “Ruth? Why do you have pictures of Ruth?”

Amelia said, “You know her? She is my grandmother and I have searched this whole state for her.”

“Yes honey, Ruth lives here and has for many years now. Why didn’t you know that?”

“Because my no-good, drunk of a Mother hid her Mother from me. Ruth raised me when my Mother couldn’t. My Mother hated to be reminded of it so she sent her away. She refused to tell me where and I have searched this whole state looking for her in places like this. If she isn’t medically dependent on living here I want to bring her home to live with me.”

“Well, I am gathering you must be the Amelia she always talks about. She is medically fine and will be delighted to see you again I am sure. Come with me, she is on the veranda with Maisie. Maisie will miss her, but maybe you can bring her up to see Maisie occasionally for a visit.”

“Oh I would do anything for my Grandma. She raised me right.”

“Come this way, child.” Amelia put on a happy face and followed the woman to the veranda on the side of the house. There was her Grandma and she looked great. This place was wonderful for her. She hoped she would want to leave to live with her.

“Amelia? Amelia is that you child?” Ruth raised herself up and walked over to meet them. She put her arms around Amelia and hugged her tight. “I never thought I would see you again. Rhonda made sure I was far away although she did put me in a decent place.”

“Oh Grandma I am so happy to see you. I have been driving all over the state looking for you. I want to bring you home to live with me. I have a nice three bedroom house and you would even have your own bathroom. All the rooms have their own bathrooms so you could choose whichever one you wanted. Will you come live with me? I promise to bring you to see Maisie almost every weekend for a day or if they rent out rooms occasionally I could rent you a room for the weekend and you could stay here all weekend. What do you think?”

“I would love to live with you doll and you are such a nice Granddaughter to think of letting me still see Maisie. Yes they keep guest rooms for just that reason. You could drop me off and then pick my up on Sunday.

Amelia hugged Grandma and then they headed to Grandma’s room to pack. Maisie came along to help. The staff brought in some boxes and told her to just pack what she absolutely needed right now and then she could pick up the rest of her things on the next trip when she came to visit with Maisie.


Tessa – 

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