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Thursday photo prompt: Deeper #writephoto

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Prompt word: Deeper

Prompt Photo:

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a sheer drop from old stone… a bridge, perhaps, or the battlements of a castle… there is no way to tell… Below is deep, dark water, swirling, fringed by autumnal trees…


How Deep is it?

By Tessa Dean February 2021

Ron had been told by some of his friends who hiked a lot that there was a nice area up on Walden Manor property. The path approached a large stone embankment that suddenly dropped off right in front of you. No one seemed to know if it was the cement remnants of an old bridge or not. However suddenly the cement dropped off and overlooked a body of water that was deep and dark. It was said to be bottomless there, but in reality there had to be a bottom of some sort although it could be much deeper than anyone could imagine.

Ron decided to make the trip to the area and see this spot everyone talked about. He and a few of his buddies would hike up looking for an area to camp in for the night. If it suddenly dropped off he didn’t want to be up there hiking in the dark so they would camp before they got there and then in the morning resume the trip to the drop-off spot. He didn’t think he would try to jump into the water as he had heard rumors of those who tried to jump into the water and never came back up. Just seeing it would be enough for him.


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