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Three Things Challenge 514

Three Things Challenge 514

Pensitivity101 Rules:

Welcome to The Three Things Challenge.
Below are three things that may, or may not, be related. Simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you.
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Your three words are:



The Birthday Party Part 41 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24Part 25Part 26Part 27Part 28Part 29Part 30Part 31Part 32Part 33Part 34Part 35Part 36Part 37Part 38Part 39, Part 40)

Ginny was such a wisp of a girl. She was under five feet and weighed less than 80 pounds soaking wet, they would tease her. Thomas loved to hug her and just hold her, the touch was soothing to them both.

Thomas felt so bad for her. She already knew that her mother probably wouldn’t have made it to their wedding, but she refused to let it cheat her out of enjoying planning the wedding. She would talk to her mother and keep her updated and they talked about what kind of dress she would wear as mother of the bride. Ginny’s mother couldn’t remember much because of the damage from the first stroke and Ginny always talked to her as if it was a brand new subject. To her mother, it was.

Thomas didn’t know what would happen now. First things first, they would have to plan a funeral and that was going to be tough for his little sweetheart. She was almost completely alone in the world except for him and his family. Her mother had a sister, but they never saw her. Ginny had already called her and the woman had already backed out of the funeral. There wasn’t even a date set yet.

His Mom and Dad had already invited her to stay with them and sleep on the couch so she wouldn’t be alone during this time. She called out of work and notified the school she had to take time off.

Now they were waiting out side of the lawyers office, the sign read, Benjamin Zimmerman, Esquire. Ginny squeezed his hand and he squeezed hers back. She seemed calm, no sign of tears at the moment. The receptionist had asked them to be seated outside in the waiting area until Mr. Zimmerman was ready for them.

The door opened and the man she remembered seeing with her mother came out and motioned them to come in. “Miss Carpenter, I am Benjamin Zimmerman and I was your mother’s lawyer, employer and for as long as possible her fiancé. To me she is still my fiancée, but she didn’t remember a whole lot at the end so I didn’t push it. What I have to say is private, but if you wish to have this gentleman present you may, of course.”

“Mr. Zimmerman, this is Thomas Banks, my fiancé and I would like him present please. We were planning our wedding when my mother passed away. She may not have told you since she couldn’t remember it herself. I was constantly going over the wedding plans with her in the hopes she would retain some of it, but she never did. I think she realized I was getting married and she realized she would be alone except for the 24 hour nurses and had just requested that I see about a long term care facility for her. I was wondering how she would pay for that because the nursing care was from what I could tell, starting to drain her bank account, although she told me not to worry about that because you were taking care of things. She remembered the oddest things.”

“Yes, Ms. Carpenter or may I call you Ginny?”

“Ginny please, Mr. Zimmerman.”

“Ok, Ginny, you are about to be surprised. In a good way so please don’t look alarmed.”

Ginny tried to calm herself down. Her whole life had just been pulled out from under her and she was having a hard time dealing with it all. “I’m sorry, Mr. Zimmerman, but I am really terrified right now and I have no idea what to do or how to do it and worst of all how to pay for it.”

“Ok, first of all Ginny, you are not alone. I will be with you the whole way. This was a request from your mother and in writing before she lost that ability of her functionality. She still knew me at the end and we always had the nurse in there as a witness and she signed all documents as a witness. So there shouldn’t be any legal problems with your mother’s wishes. I do understand that your father removed himself from your lives before you were born. If he hears about her passing and that she wasn’t as poor as he thought, he might come sniffing around. Whatever you do, do not speak to him. Refer him to me. I will deal with him. He didn’t respond to her repeated requests for a divorce so we went the legal way and had the divorce become legal. He may try to get around you and convince you otherwise, but don’t listen to him or give him any money. I mean it, he has no rights here so don’t let him badger you. Let me know and I will have him taken care of.”

“But she was poor, we lived very cheaply and she was paying a lot for those nurses I am sure.”

“Ginny, I am going to explain the whole situation to you in a moment. Just know that you are going to be well taken care of.”


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