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Weekend Writing Prompt #198 – Kitsch

Weekend Writing Prompt #198 – Kitsch

Can you Repeat That?

By Tessa Dean March 2021

Lauren was embarrassed as she looked around her grandparents’ house. It was clean, but the furnishings were kitsch. She was bringing her boyfriend, Carl, here for the first time to meet both her parents and her grandparents. She couldn’t imagine what he would think after seeing the house for the first time.

“Wow,” he said. “What a cool house.”

Lauren stared at Carl and asked him to repeat himself.

*****69 words*****

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #198 – Kitsch”

    1. That sounds interesting. I like to take the prompts weekly or daily and create a long, continuing story out of them. I just got book number 2 from the last one on pensitivity101’s prompts. Working on what might be number 3 now.

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      1. Thank you very much Jack Jones, my blog friend. I am glad that you find my writing to be interesting. I have a piece of memoir on the blog (check pages above) and once that and my novel are edited they will both be on the blog. I am not able to publish them anywhere else right now except for on my blog, but I want them ready for when I do finally have a possible chance of publishing them as actual books. Either way I enjoy writing and for people to enjoy my writing.

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