Need a title for my murder book series. Can you help?

I started with one book. I called it “Murder in Angel’s Cove.” Then I got the idea to write a second book. I figured no problem, I would call it, “Another Murder in Angel’s Cove.”

Well you guessed it! Now I have up to 5 to 8 possibilities and I can’t keep calling them all “Another Murder in Angel’s Cove.”

So I am looking for a title that I could use to tie them together with possibly a subtitle to separate them or call them Book 1, Book 2, etc. I don’t really like numbering them though. I was thinking more of a subtitle with the character names that are featured mainly in that story. For example, book 1, would be:

Murder in Angel’s Cove:

Scott and Sarah Callan

or Scott and Sarah


Book 2 would be:

Murder in Angel’s Cove:

Ginny and Thomas


Book 3 would be:

Murder in Angel’s Cove

Cassie (right now she is the main character, no counterpart yet or maybe not at all)

Now here are a few ideas I was given by others. Maybe you like one of these or it sparks something new for you. I am looking for suggestions so please, give me your opinions.

Angel’s Cove: Dark Obsessions


Angel’s Cove: Lethal Angels


Angel’s Cove: Lethal Hits


The Angel’s Cove Files


The Angel’s Cove Dossiers


The Angel’s Coves Murders


Murderous Vibes at Angel’s Cove


Please leave any suggestions in the comments or email me privately at

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