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Three Things Challenge 536

Three Things Challenge 536

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Beach Party Part 17 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15, Part 16)

By Tessa Dean March 2021

**********Wayne’s Point Of View**********

Wayne may have made a mistake with this one. She definitely was a gorgeous, robust blond, but there sometimes comes a price with that. He automatically reached into his pants pocket feeling for the bottle and cloth that he always had on hand.

Cassie was becoming annoying. They made a date for Sunday at the restaurant she worked for. They were to have dinner and then head to the movies. She was obviously starved for attention, but perhaps she was too needy.

He liked to enjoy himself with a pretty blonde and then move on once the newness wore off. Occasionally he did pick the wrong person to enjoy. His thoughts were heavy as he pondered what to do. Should he just cancel the whole thing and disappear once again? He hated every time he had to move on to another town. He couldn’t risk getting caught especially in this small town. It was hard to sink into the woodwork as they say.

Cassie was calling him everyday and leaving him messages. He didn’t return the calls, which prompted her to keep calling. He didn’t want to talk to her. He didn’t want to hear about her high school friends and the old boyfriend that she had to break up with so she could date him. He definitely picked the wrong one here.

What should he do? He fingered the bottle and cloth again. She wasn’t taking the hint that he wasn’t interested. He wasn’t sure he could make this one disappear and in such a small town. Everyone knew her.

The phone rang again. Cassie! “Hello? Cassie? How nice to hear from you doll. Yeah sorry I didn’t call you back, but I have been sick. I think I am going to have to call off our date for Sunday. I wouldn’t want you getting sick. Yes I will definitely call you once I am feeling better. Bye for now.” He hung up the phone and then threw it across the room where it landed on the couch in a pile of what appeared to be discarded cell phones.

**********Cassie’s Point of View**********

Cassie turned to Ronnie, after hanging up with Wayne. “That was so weird. He sounded like he didn’t want to talk to me and he hasn’t been answering the phone since our first conversation where I told him I had broken up with Peter and was looking forward to our date on Sunday. He even told me that he had no desire to get to know my high school friends. He was only interested in me.”

Ronnie turned to Cassie and looked her straight in the face. “What do you know about this guy?”

Cassie looked puzzled and then thoughtful. “Well, actually I guess not much. He gave me a business card and said that his cell phone number was on the back and that I should call him if I broke up with Peter and wanted to go on a real date on Sunday. He told me his name was Wayne Conners and well I guess I started imagining things because now that I think back on it he didn’t tell me how old he was, or where he worked and he was dressed up like he had a fancy job so I assumed he had a great job. He said he wanted to take me on a date, but I had to lose the boyfriend first, but he did calm me down after that other customer gave me a hard time.”

“Cassie you need to be careful here I think. I don’t know for sure, but I am wondering if this is legit. You did what he told you to and then you can’t get a hold of him. He tells you he is interested in you, but not in your high school friends. He isn’t willing to give us a chance? Why? He doesn’t know us and he supposedly likes you so why would he not be willing to meet your friends? Plus he didn’t give you much details about his life and where is this business card? I want to see it. I am worried about you Cassie.”

Cassie pulls the card out of her handbag and hands it to Ronnie. Ronnie starts to read it and examines the card carefully. “Well one thing I notice is that this is a homemade card. See the perforations around it? That means he can make as many different ones as he wants or needs. If it was a professionally made card for work it would not be perforated. So my guess is that Wayne Connors is not who he says he is. He could work out of his home and have a start up business and not be ready to pay for fancy cards, but business cards aren’t that expensive. There is no address on here, just a name and phone number and then a handwritten number on the back of the card. It could be a real phone or a burner phone, you know the kind of phone you throw away once the minutes are up? Cassie I think you need to be real careful here. He doesn’t want to meet your friends. He wants to meet you all alone. I really wouldn’t trust him if I were you.”

Cassie is thoughtful and looks at the business card like her friend said. She felt something for this guy and thought she could trust him, but Ronnie is right to be wary of him. What should she do? What would he say if she demanded their first date included her friends despite the fact that he says he doesn’t want to meet her high school friends? If he cared about her he would surely respect her wishes and meet her friends at least for the first date. Cassie is afraid to tell her mother the new developments. She knows she is already suspicious of the guy. And what about the comment about her never seeing his real hair color because he shaves his head everyday. He was making sure she didn’t know what color his hair was.

“Ronnie, what if I were to meet him and have you guys stationed around the restaurant? That way I would still be safe if there is a reason to be worried about him.”

“I have no problem with it Cassie and I can probably talk the others into it, but what if we lose track of you. None of us are professional trackers you know.”

“Look two of you inside and two of you outside. He would never know since he never met you guys.”

Ronnie reluctantly agreed to talk to the others about it. So far he had canceled their only date so it wasn’t a mad rush.


Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses

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6 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge 536”

    1. I can see why. This wasn’t the way it was going to go, but after numerous comments from other readers including my real life writing group, it had to change, but not sure where to take it. I will have to see what the next prompts are and see.

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      1. Sounds interesting. I let these stories develop by the prompts. It definitely can change where I was planning to go with something. I was going to make him this great guy and then with the comments and the fact that it was too soon for a happy ever after ending to go for the darker side. My book series (that this will be part of) is murder/mystery so someone can die or not. I don’t know yet.


      2. I have thought of that, but my friends think it it has to go darker. In my original piece this is based on, the kidnapper dies, but so does the captive which is a little girl. That was a “What do you See” prompt. I don’t know if I will use the whole story it was based on or not. My series of books is supposed to be murder/mystery, but with HEA endings soooooo….

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