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Three Things Challenge 552 and “What Do You See” #75

Three Things Challenge 552

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What Do You See #75

Image credit; Jasmin Chew @ Unsplash


Beach Party Part 34 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24Part 25Part 26Part 27Part 28Part 29Part 30Part 31Part 32, Part 33)

By Tessa Dean March 2021

*****Cassie’s Point of View*****

Kimberley was outside staring at the evening sky. Despite the snow the other day, the weather was mild and she took the time to do some reflecting. She was still worried about Cassie. She was glad that she hadn’t gone on the date the other night because she had her own misgivings about this Wayne she had raved about. Suddenly he was texting her constantly to see how she was feeling and wondering when they would be going on their date. A complete reversal. She just didn’t trust him and he wouldn’t even come to the house to meet mom. He insisted she meet him at the restaurant. Although they would still be in public, there were still some things that could go wrong. He also refused to meet Cassie’s friends. Why? She knew he was older but what was the harm in at least meeting them.

“Kimberley I have to go to work. Can you please come inside and watch the babies?”

“Are you sure you want to work tonight, Cassie. You look terrible. You might frighten the customers away.”

“Ha ha, very funny!” Cassie left for work, preparing herself to deal with customers. Some of them were downright nasty and she had others, her regulars who she actually cared for. They always tipped well and she was a natural flirt and that always got to the single guys and a few girls for that matter. She hoped the shift passed quickly.

*****Wayne’s Point of View*****

Wayne started gathering the necessary supplies. “The smug bitch will get what she deserved, muttered under his breath.” He emptied a small box and replaced it with the items he would need. He examined the vial he had kept in his pocket as a reminder that women were bitches and couldn’t be trusted. Now she would find out just what crossing him would bring her. He knew she was supposed to work tonight and according to butch, who had stopped by the restaurant to check, her car was there and parked in its usual spot way in the back and away from the outside lighting. The lighted area was parking for customers only.

Wayne grabbed the box which he had all his necessary equipment in and he, Butch and Rocky piled into the gray, nondescript van. They pulled into the parking lot and parked near to Cassie’s car and waited for her shift to end. She would probably come out with some of her coworkers so he had to make the meeting look like a chance meeting and keep her occupied talking until the others left the area. He needed to ask about her migraine and how she felt and not bring up the date unless she did. He couldn’t figure women out.

He saw Cassie exit the back of the building and head toward her car. Surprisingly she was alone. She slowed down when she saw the van next to her car. Wary now, she took out her keys and held them ready to open her door.

Wayne stepped out of the van and confronted her. “Hey doll, how are you feeling?” He saw Cassie’s eyes widen as Butch and Rocky joined him. He pulled her towards him as if to kiss her and Rocky injected the Ketamine into her butt to control her and a second injection to knock her out. Together the three of them backed up to the van and loaded her onto the comforter in the back and wrapped it around her. They didn’t waste time. They had the snatch and grab well practiced and within 5 minutes she was stowed in the van.

*****Peter’s Point of View*****

What the heck? Peter had been following Cassie around since she broke up with him. According to many, he was stalking her, whatever he thought. She had just left work and a man approached her from the van parked beside her. He spoke to her and she seemed to know him as she didn’t back away from him as he spoke. He wondered if this was the boyfriend he had kept hearing about. She suddenly leaned into him and it looked like they were kissing from his viewpoint. He and his two friends seemed to be supporting her when they put her in the back of his van. Something wasn’t right and he made the decision to follow them to make sure she was ok. He started the truck which was so old it was noisy and wondered if he had alerted them to his presence. They didn’t seem to notice and started out of the parking lot. Peter was following slowly trying to keep a car between them.

Wayne followed for several miles before he saw the turn signal up ahead, but just then the car in front of him jammed on their brakes and Peter, not noticing, rammed their rear end hard. He was thrown back in his seat and lost sight of where the van had turned. He only knew it was up above him somewhere on Grant Street. He didn’t know if this was the final destination, but wouldn’t find out now as he had to deal with the accident and the police, but he was going to tell them what he had noticed. Cassie may be in trouble. He only remembered part of the license plate so that wasn’t a whole lot of help and that it was an old gray Chevy van. Not much detail to go on.


Tessa – 

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5 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge 552 and “What Do You See” #75”

    1. Thanks Sadje for following my story and you are welcome for using your prompts as well. As I told someone the story won’t end with her dying, but I can’t promise it will be a completely happy ending. Between your prompt and Di’s three word challenge it is a challenge to write that is for sure.

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      1. Thank you. I was told that as a teenager. My writing was good, got A’s or A+ in creative writing. Then got rejected as a teenager for a short story I submitted and I freaked out and have only been writing again for the last 10 years on my blogs. Just started book 1 and parts of books 2 and 3 so getting more practice in something other than short stories. I have been told that I am creative and the twists abound in my stories. Some are dark and those I can’t help but I try to make sure they all aren’t dark. When people start commenting on my short stories being dark it is time for a happy one to show I do know how to write happy endings. LOL!

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