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Take Seven: 2nd April

TessaEdit”Take Seven: March 26th”

Take Seven: 2nd April

Pensitivity101 Rules:

It’s Friday!

Welcome to my Take Seven compilation which incorporates all 21 words (or derivatives) from the Three Things Challenge for the past week.
You are most welcome to join in using as many or all of the words too. Just pingback to this post and then leave a link to your post in the comments so that I can see it and respond directly.
As always, have fun, and I hope you enjoy this week’s effort.

Our words were:
avoid, bad, before, buy, effective, envelope, evening, longer, much, offer, own, plenty, post, problem, replace, rush, same, smug, temptation, tucked, well.


Beach Party Part 39 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24Part 25Part 26Part 27Part 28Part 29Part 30Part 31Part 32Part 33Part 34Part 35Part 36Part 37, Part 38)

**********Cassie’s POV**********

Cassie tried to avoid touching anything. She had such a bad feeling about Wayne and she trusted her gut and canceled the date and the damn monster kidnapped her instead. First he ignored her and made her do the chasing, which made her want him more. How smug he must feel that now he had the upper hand. He obviously was in no rush to do anything with her because she hadn’t seen him since the evening he drugged her and hauled her off in that van. He hadn’t even offered her any food, just the water bottles which she still drank sparingly from. She hoped he hadn’t drugged them as well, but she needed water.

Now that it was lighter out she could see more of the cell. There was an envelope tucked behind the case of water. It had some writing on it. Was it for the post office or did the jerk write her a letter? She wasn’t in a rush to find out. She didn’t want to hear what he had to say. Although temptation might win out and she would have to check it out soon enough.

**********Wayne’s POV**********

Wayne wondered if she had read his letter yet. He also wondered how much longer he should wait before he made an appearance. She had caused him plenty of problems, but he was still wondering if he should take the time to screw her at least the one time. He didn’t own this house and so he had to make sure the landlord didn’t come sniffing around before he had the chance to clear out. He didn’t care if the place looked the same when he left or not since he didn’t expect to leave a forwarding address. He noticed one of the lights had blown out, but he didn’t have a bulb to replace it and he didn’t feel like going to the store to buy one.

“Who let that damn cat in?” It wound its way around Wayne’s legs and almost tripped him. Obviously kicking it out and not feeding it wasn’t effective. The damn cat was always in his way. The cat came with the house. He hated animals and was always kicking this one, but it didn’t take the hint and leave.

**********Cassie’s POV**********

Cassie wondered if he was planning to starve her to death? She still had water since she was taking it in slow sips, but as far as she could tell a few nights had passed and still no sign of Wayne or food. She was still huddled on the pile of blankets and comforters. She hated when she had to actually sleep.

She heard the door at the top of the basement open. Two legs appeared. Wayne’s? She didn’t know. Even though she didn’t trust him, she wanted some food.

“Hey doll!” His face appeared above the legs. He was grinning. God she hated him. How dare he do this to her. There was no sign of food in his hands.

“Let me out of here Wayne! What are you doing? This place is filthy. Why do you have me in a cage?”

“Did you read my love letter to you?”

“What letter? A love letter, eww! You make me sick. Let me go!

“Listen you, be glad that I decided to keep you for myself and not give you to my friends. They’ve been dying to get down here and have you all to themselves.”

“What do you mean, have me to themselves? And what makes you think I would rather be with the likes of you? You disgust me! Let me go you beast!”

“You’re going to be sorry you said that bitch! I don’t want you anymore and you can just deal with my friends until they tire of you.” Wayne went to turn around to head back up the stairs to the top when the cat tripped him up and he fell all the way down the stairs and cracked his head on the concrete floor.

Cassie stared in horror at his body splayed before her, blood dripping slowly out of his head wound. “Wayne, WAYNE! Oh God is he dead? Can you hear me God? I know I don’t go to church like I should, but I promise if you get me out of this alive I will go to church. Please….”

Wayne didn’t move or make a sound. She had no way of telling if he was dead or not. He fell almost all the way down and cracked his head on the cement floor. He could have broken his skull and damaged his brain and he could be dead. OH MY GOD! She wanted to scream, but she didn’t think there was anyone here to hear her. Unless his friends were up there and she sure didn’t want to summon them.

OK think, she tells herself. She wonders if she can reach him. If he had the keys on him she might be able to unlock the door and get out. Hopefully they weren’t in his hands because if they were they might have gone flying in the wrong direction as he tumbled down the stairs. Breathe, Cassie, breathe, in and out. You have to get yourself under control.

Cassie got down on her knees and tried to reach through the bars of her cage. He wasn’t that far, she might be able to grab a hold of him and pull him closer. Providing he is dead, of course, and doesn’t try to grab her. She could just barely touch his one extended hand. She needed to check his pulse.


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