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Three Things Challenge 557 and The Weekend Writing Prompt –Absurd

Three Things Challenge 557

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The Weekend Writing Prompt #202 – Absurd


Beach Party Part 40 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24Part 25Part 26Part 27Part 28Part 29Part 30Part 31Part 32Part 33Part 34Part 35Part 36Part 37Part 38, Part 39)

By Tessa Dean March 2021

**********Cassie’s Point of View – using 61 word prompt “absurb”***

Cassie stared at the horror before her. Wayne was obviously dead as the blood surrounding his head was plentiful and she didn’t think he could live with so much blood loss. This was absurd. She had to get out of this cage and get to freedom. She had to touch him and bring his body toward her. She needed the keys!

**********Peter’s Point of View**********

Peter drove slowly down the street where he had last seen Cassie. He was on patrol every hour he was not working or attempting to sleep. He kept hoping that the van would be parked outside and he would see it and could call the police. He had been doing this for several days although he had lost track of the exact day she had gone missing.

Wait, he slowed down and stopped. There was an old gray van parked in front of one of the houses. The street was busy and it could be from any house. How was he going to be able to figure out which house it was at. Plus if it belonged to one of those two goons he was way outnumbered and he wasn’t a big, strong guy either. He would call the police and report it and see if they could do anything.

“Yes I need to talk to Detective Fisher and it’s urgent, please”

“Hold on sir, while I track him down.” Wayne tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. He hoped that he had found the vehicle at least. It would be a clue and hopefully one that would help solve Cassie’s disappearance.

“This is Detective Jack Fisher, how may I help you?”

“Listen this is Peter Smith and I am calling because I just found an old gray van on the street approximately where Cassie Jones disappeared several nights ago. There appear to be two people sitting in the front seat at least. I don’t know about what might be in the back, but I know there were at least three people involved in the actual snatching since I saw it happening.”

“There is a patrol car in the area and I will have them check it out. Did you happen to get the license plate? And whatever you do, do not approach the vehicle or the occupants in it. The police will handle it. Understand?”

“Yes sir I understand. I still can’t see the license plate number. The lights are off and so it isn’t visible from here. I am parked a little bit up the street on the opposite side of the street. I didn’t want to spook them off if it was them, but I am really worried about Cassie. It has been several days now and she is still missing.”

“Look, I understand, but you must be patient and stay out of it. Wait in your vehicle.”

**********Cassie’s Point of View”*********

Cassie was still studying the body before her and wondering if she was able to reach it through the bars. She remembered the rats from last night. They had chattered and hissed during the night as they chewed on Wayne’s body. She prayed they stayed out there with him and left her alone. What disgusting creatures they were.

She hated kneeling on this disgusting basement floor, but she had to get out of here and this might be her last chance before his buddies showed up and he warned her about them. So deciding the discomfort was worth it, she slowly reached out and tried to grab his shirt so she could attempt to pull him toward her. He was bald so there was no hair to pull on. The shirt is loose and she is trying not to pull hard enough that she pulls the shirt off rather than pull the body toward her. Slowly he moves. Inch by agonizing inch she pulls him just a little bit closer. She doesn’t know where the keys are or even if he has them on him. For all she knows he left them upstairs depending on whether he intended to enter the cell or not.

Finally a hand came towards her and gave her something more substantial to pull on. Gingerly she pulled on the hand. He moved towards the cell she was in and then stopped when it came into contact with the cell’s bars. She reached both hands out and searched the shirt for a pocket. Finding none, she moved down to his pants. Only the one side was against the bars. If they weren’t in that pocket she would have to try and stretch to the other side of his body to see if the keys were in the opposite pocket.

She felt the pocket from the outside first. Something was in there so she braced herself to slide her hand in. Her fingers touched something, her mind visualizing keys. She grasped it and slowly started to put it out. Her fingers had grabbed a string, she was disappointed, but continued pulling. It popped out of the pocket and landed on the floor. It was a small key attached to a string. It could be for the padlock on her cell. Hope began rising. Slowly she inched her fingers towards the key on the string so she could pull it towards her.

Picking it up. she stood up. and started to approach the padlock, praying that it was the key to her cell. She reached around the padlock from behind and tried to work the key into it. It was slow going and just when she thought she was out of luck, the padlock popped open. She felt her anger pacified as hope ran through her. She wiggled the padlock out of the hasp and pushed the cell door open.

Walking around Wayne’s body, she weakly climbed the stairs to the upper floor. She was very weak from not having any food for days. She knew she had lost weight as he work uniform was quite loose on her. She wasn’t heavy to begin with so she imagined her ribs were sticking out. She wanted something to eat, but she was worried that Wayne’s friends were here or maybe about to be and she wanted to get free of the house, but she wanted food she bad.

She looked at the table and the countertop to see if anything was handy. She was in the kitchen so there should be food of some sort and it really didn’t matter too much at this time what it was. All she saw was a bag of onions. Now she hated onions and didn’t know how much help eating an onion would be. She opened the cabinets and found very little. Had he been on his way out? He said he was going to “have her” and then leave her to his friends. She nearly tripped over the suitcases in the kitchen near the back door. What if he was waiting for a ride? What if it was his friends? She had to get out of here. She would worry about food later.

Pushing the suitcases aside she managed to unlock the back door and headed down the stairs to the driveway. Freedom! She realized she didn’t have her purse and couldn’t call the cops. She started back inside to look for a phone she could use. She had no idea where she was. Maybe she should knock on a neighbor’s door instead and explain her situation. Would they believe her?

As she returned to the outside porch steps she heard a voice shout, “Hey you, halt, you are supposed to be locked up what are you doing out here? Where’s Wayne?

Cassie panicked and ran to the house right across the driveway and pounded on the door as the two guys ran up to her. A man opened the door and she shouted, “Help me!”

The other two men stopped and turned to head back to the van when a cop appeared at the end of the driveway. “Hold it right there you two.” A gun was turned on them and they stopped. The neighbor had opened the door to Cassie and was talking to her.

Cassie, still in shock, realized that Peter was behind the cop. What in the world was Peter doing here. He stopped by the cop and said, “Those are the two guys who helped capture Cassie the other night. They were in the gray van.”

“Sir, you were told to wait in your car and we would take care of this.”

“I know sir and I am sorry, but I love this woman and I am not letting her out of my sight.”

“”Peter? Is that really you? You love me for real and you risked your life to find me? Oh my God, I love you too, I was just too stupid to see it before.” Cassie thanked the neighbor and headed out to the area where the cops were gathering around the two thugs. She hugged Peter and kissed him. She knew they had problems to work out, but if he loved her enough to risk his life she was sure they could work things out.

Detective Fisher arrived and surveyed the scene. A blond girl was hugging someone and that had to be Cassie and Peter. He wondered what happened to the other guy. The two in the van probably didn’t live here as the registration was for Butch Foulke and had another address on it. He didn’t see the bald guy and he knew there was supposed to be three of them. He approached the blond girl and the boy she was hugging.

“Cassie Jones?” The detective watched as she disengaged herself from the boy. He didn’t let go of her, but they both faced him.

“Yes, I’m Cassie Jones.”

“I am Detective Fisher and was assigned to your case. Were you held here against your will?”

“Yes sir, and well, I am sorry the guy who kidnapped me is dead. A cat tripped him coming down the basement stairs and he fell and hit his head. It looks like he bled out. The rats were eating him which was disgusting. I managed to grab a hold of his shirt and pull him against the cell and found the keys and was able to get myself out. I just came out of the door when his two cohorts came up the driveway and saw me. I ran to the neighbor’s house and one of your officers stopped those two guys. Then Peter showed up and he’s my hero. I kicked him out of my life and he says he really loves me and was trying to find me. We still have some issues, but I may have misjudged him.”


Tessa – 

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    1. This will eventually be the base for book three and will be slightly different and darker. I kept it a little on the lighter side for the blog. I will be expanding on the story in the book that will be on the blog once done. I am currently in rehab hospital with a broken foot. No writing right now and still finishing book one when I get home. “Cassandra” is book three.

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