2 1/2weeks in rehab hospital

2 1/2 weeks in rehab hospital. I now have a walking boot but you can’t just hop into one and go. Maybe someone younger could but not me. It is taking training to learn to walk with it. I get out of bed and walk now. Short distances but further than before.


9 thoughts on “2 1/2weeks in rehab hospital”

    1. I am mobile now but can’t dress my lower half but I couldn’t before I got here and I can’t get the boot on and off by myself and I live alone so they are keeping me til I can do it myself. Might be here a very long time or at least until my insurance runs out.

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  1. Take it slow and at your own pace. No hurrying and re-injuring yourself! It takes time to get used to walking with something like a boot impeding progress. I’m glad it was a success though and that you’re feeling lively enough to blog a bit! Congratulations!

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    1. I have been here almost 4 weeks now. I got the walking down but I can’t dress or put the boot on or take it off but they were issues before the broken foot I want out of here.


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