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21 MAY 2021 Friday Fictioneers

21 MAY 2021

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda


Statue of Liberty

by Tessa Dean May 2021

Our group, including our three children, boarded the ferry, eager to arrive at the Statue of Liberty. Once we landed, we walked around the bottom, and then we got in the long line of people waiting to climb up inside. We finally got to the top of the line and were next to go in when the person allowing the parties to enter announced that no more people were allowed to enter as there wouldn’t be enough time to get to the top and back down before closing. So close, so disappointed. We wished we hadn’t walked around the outside.

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5 thoughts on “21 MAY 2021 Friday Fictioneers”

    1. Thank you. That really happened to us and it was a one day trip since we live in NJ, so we didn’t go back and then life interfered and we never did go there as a family again. I had been there as a child, although my kids never have been there except for that one trip. Maybe they will go someday.

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