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Three Things Challenge 627 and #WRITEPHOTO – Tunnel (Challenge)

Three Things Challenge 627

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For visually challenged writersthe image shows a tunnel made from trees, branches and grass. Towards the end are 2 ducks.


As someone who is considered morbidly obese by the medical profession one of the things I worry about is my diet. Do I follow a strict one? No I don’t, and even when I struggle to do this I do not lose any weight. Something is wrong, but what. Hereditary is one problem. My mother was always heavy even as a child and even though I was thin as a rail most of my childhood, I have now become my mother when she was my age and then she stayed that way until she died.

Medically I can’t seem to lose weight. I have cut calories, cut carbs (yes I am diabetic and on insulin which isn’t helping right now) and then there was the period of forcing myself to exercise. I loved running for some crazy reason and since we lived back in the woods on a lake I had these trails similar to the picture, where I could run and that was so much more pleasant than running on a street or exercise track. All that came to a halt when I hurt my knee and running was not an option anymore. I hate walking which is weird since I liked to run, but it isn’t the same thing. So my weight is part of all the medical problems I have. Lose weight they say and you will be so much in better health. Great, now tell me how to lose that weight as all those diets out there do not work for me.

Exercise is definitely key, but physically not something I am really able to do. They are trying to put me through all this physical therapy, but it is not doing much, plus I hate to exercise. I find it impossible to force myself to do something that is going to hurt so much. I didn’t like exercise when it didn’t hurt except for the running period, but that is not an option. I can barely walk and all I hear is how wonderful walking is for you. You can’t prove it by me. I hate it, it hurts and I have no desire to put myself through the pain which is intense. I don’t think these doctors really understand just how much pain I am in. And now that I have to be on blood thinners due to the blood clots in my lungs I can’t take one of the pain relievers that gave me some relief in the arthritis areas. My pain is so out of control that I can barely move and walk. I look at that wheelchair sitting there and know that is in my future. How far in the future I cannot say, but unless pain management comes up with another way to control the pain besides the 10 mg Percocets I take 4 times a day and don’t even make a big dent in the pain, a wheelchair is in my immediate future. My kids think things are bad now, but they have seen nothing yet if I can’t physically walk at all.


Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses

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13 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge 627 and #WRITEPHOTO – Tunnel (Challenge)”

  1. I know what it’s like trying to lose weight and nothing happens. I screwed up my body good and proper to such an extent I was eating practically nothing and still the weight went on. I had a good GP though and she ran loads of tests to find out what was going on then told me to forget dieting and let my body find its natural weight, as we all have one.
    So many people think we are overweight because we eat too much and don’t exercise. There is more to it than that and I hope you can find some relief somewhere and somehow Tessa.

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    1. Thanks Di, great advice. I have come to terms that I will never be thin as I was as a child. Genetics is one problem, lack of physical fitness is another one and not one that is going to change either since I suffer from chronic pain and what I eat doesn’t seem to help. I am just waiting right now to see what happens. I was on drugs that caused major weight gain and didn’t lose it once I stopped the drugs and that didn’t help either.


  2. An open post on life’s challenges. Weight control is an ever-elusive thing, I think there is so much advice out there that it’s so difficult pinpointing what an individual actually needs. All our bodies are so different from one another. Finding something that works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.
    Thank you for joining in the challenge:

    #WRITEPHOTO – Tunnel

    KL ❤

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    1. Weight control is very difficult. I haven’t been on the scale since I broke my foot. I haven’t missed it LOL! The doctor makes me weigh myself every day, but not at the moment.

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  3. This is so deep and honest. I can’t even begin to know how you must be feeling.
    I find myself remembering something I read. ‘the pain of sacrifice is temporary’
    Maybe there is no way around the physical pain; I do know that the body adjusts to the pains of exercise if one perseveres beyond a 3week time period.
    I’m not sure how affordable it is, but a few people opt for surgery and then use it a helping hand to kickstart healthy living.

    That being said, I have to reiterate that I can’t begin to know how this must be like. 🙏🏾♥️

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    1. My body has adjusted a lot over the years trying to stay ahead of the pain, but right now I am in a very bad place and not sure what they can do to help.


      1. Maybe the answers we need lie within us. If you can try to answer yourself on this, then it’s a first step to doing all you can for that answer.
        My very best wishes Tessa.

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      2. I am still struggling with intense pain. I wish it would end. It is still getting worse and it is almost 4 weeks now since I stopped the pain medicine. I can still take my percocets, but I can’t have a stronger strength outpatient. This is what all the abusers have done to those of us who really need the pain medicine. The state keeps cracking down more and more.

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