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#WeekendCoffeeShare : New Bed

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Thanks to Natalie the Explorer for hosting this prompt.

Grab yourself a beverage and pull up a chair. If we were having coffee I would tell you that after 20 years I have finally gotten myself a new bed. I dropped from a full size to a twin bed which is a little strange to get used to after having a full bed all to myself for over 21 years. Plus it is firm and my back was feeling it at first. I wonder how I will feel tomorrow after sleeping on it all night. I bought the bed unseen. Since my foot is still in a walking boot and getting around so difficult I called a mattress store and asked if it was possible to buy a bed over the phone, pay for it and have it delivered, plus have the old bed taken away. They said yes and a couple of days later I have a new bed and Amazon delivered the bedding the night before even though it was due to be delivered on the same day. Everything worked out.

I am slowly working on my novel again. I have just over a week to stop tweaking it. I rewrote the beginning and the ending and hope I got all the repetition out of the middle.

I still have the walking boot on my foot as it hasn’t fully healed yet and I was supposed to get orthotics, but was told my Medicare will not cover it and I don’t have another $500 plus dollars lying around. I never got a chance to wear my new diabetic shoes with their inserts so he is going to try and form the inserts into a support for my foot. Till then and another x-ray I am still in a walking boot.

Monday I see my pain management doctor and I hope that he can find something to do about all of this pain now that I can’t take one of my pain meds because of the blood thinner for the blood clots. I can barely move now.

Have a great week everyone.

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15 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : New Bed”

  1. How nice that you can buy a bed over the phone like that. Is the firm mattress good or bad for you? I get pains here and there if my mattress is too firm. I hope your foot heals soon.

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    1. I was surprised when the man said that I could buy the bed that way. The firmness is not bothering me once I get settled into the bed. At first it is a little firm and then my back adjusts. I like it so far.


    1. The bed is firm and takes some getting used to, but I like it. I even have gotten use to the smaller bed. I haven’t fallen out of it yet at least.


    1. I can understand that, but it wasn’t much of an option and firm is supposed to be better for backs and how long can you lay on a bed in the store to really know how it feels? Actually it helps although the pain is chronic and not going to go away so it can only help at this point.


    1. Love the bed and yes I am a tweaker and will do it forever if I don’t stop it soon. Every time I read through it I change something, lots of somethings to be honest. 🙂

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