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Take Seven: 25th June and Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

Take Seven: 25th June by Pensitivity101 – Rules below:

It’s Friday!

Welcome to my Take Seven compilation which incorporates all 21 words (or derivatives) from the Three Things Challenge for the past week.
You are most welcome to join in using as many or all of the words too. Just pingback to this post and then leave a link to your post in the comments so that I can see it and respond directly.
As always, have fun, and I hope you enjoy this week’s effort.

Our words were:
airy, away, breeze, butterfly, caress, clouds, dance, delicate, drift, engage, fingertips, fragile, ghost, hide, mesmerizing, promise, skirt, tease, whimsical, white, wisp


Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Ink

wk 215 ink


The Ring Part 3 (Part 1, Part 2)

By Tessa Dean June 2021

**********Eileen’s POV**********

Eileen stared at her grade, scrawled across her paper in red ink, ZERO. Tears began to fall as Kyle hugged her gently.

**********22 words for the weekend prompt**********

Kyle didn’t know exactly what to do for Eileen. He gently rubbed his fingertips across the tears. Neither of them had ever had a zero for a grade. They were both straight-A students. She wiped the tears off of her face and anger replaced the tears along with a wisp of a smile. How dare he, how dare he give her a zero for a grade? She knew this paper was worth an A and she had worked hard on it as usual. She didn’t produce bad papers and she wasn’t about to start now. She turned to Kyle and said, “He isn’t going to get away with this. I don’t know why he gave me a zero, but this paper is definitely not a zero and I am going to find out what his thoughts were on this. Maybe he got my paper mixed up with someone else’s by mistake. That had better be his reason or else. I see the way his creepy eyes are always staring at me, especially at my legs or boobs as if he’s caressing them. He rarely looks at my face. Some days I swear he is staring up my skirt.”

“Eileen, are you sure about this? He is always teasing you, I know, but I thought he was just doing it in fun, but you sound as if he is doing something that needs to be reported to the school authorities.”

“Kyle, he is not just having some fun at my expense. He has been doing some serious stalking moves. I am not a fragile, delicate young girl. He thinks I haven’t noticed, but now that we are engaged you need to know what is going on. I don’t want you thinking I am fooling around with him. This is all on his side and I haven’t said anything, but this grade, is going too far. Watch your back. He is obviously angry over the fact that we are now engaged. I saw him the day you proposed to me, lurking in the bushes behind the sculpture. I suppose he thought I didn’t see him back there. He wasn’t gazing at butterflies or feeling the breeze on his face. He was keeping an eye on us. When you went down on one knee to propose I saw him try to hide his dismay and anger, but it was there. I also saw his disbelief. He thinks of you as just a goofball and that you are poaching on his territory. I have known men like him. He thinks I am mesmerized by his smile and his whimsical jokes, but he disgusts me.”

“Oh my God, Eileen. Are you sure about this? Should we report him for conduct unbecoming a university professor?”

“Not yet, I want to see what else he is up to. He won’t get away with this I promise you that, but I want to see just how far he will go.”

Kyle looked like he had seen a ghost. He face had gone white as she described what he had already done and he was worried that things were about to get worse. The clouds were drifting across the sky as he pondered what she had just told him. He hadn’t noticed anything, but as she pointed things out he began to see the big picture. This professor wasn’t going to take his fiancé away from him. He loved Eileen and she had agreed to marry him.

“Come on,” Eileen said to Kyle, grabbing his hand. She pulled him down the airy passage between the dorm buildings and headed away from the campus towards the coffee shop. She was almost dancing with excitement and he wondered what she was up to.



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