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I will post four or five different questions each week for you to answer.  Additionally, I offer a ‘Gratitude’ Section for those who like a little affirmation with their questions!  It’s optional to participate in that of course. 

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  6. Some questions might be recycled from time to time.  Sorry if they come too close together!  The number of interesting questions (to me) is finite.   I try to mix them up judiciously but bungle that sometimes.  Mea culpa!


  1. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be? Bed!
  2. What Wastes The Most Time In Your Day To Day Life? Bed, I don’t get up unless I have to.
  3. How would you describe your greatest enemy?  If you don’t have one, share your secret!  My anxiety. It stops me from doing so many things I would love to do.
  4. If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be? Bald Eagle

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2 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD 8-2-2021”

  1. Thank you Tessa for Sharing Your World. I think you’ve captured the perfect answer to questions 1 and 2! The bed can be such a refuge, but can easily be over used, especially if one doesn’t feel well or are needing a little ‘me’ time. Wonderful! 🙂 You and Fandango are the eagles in the crowd, those birds are so majestic and regal, aren’t they? Have a wonderful week!


    1. I must admit that I picked the eagle as he is our state bird and the only other bird that came to mind was the vulture and the connotation was kind of dark and negative (although that is what I am feeling right now) so I decided to go with the eagle. Bed is my refuge right now.


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