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What do you see # 94

What do you see # 94


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Does this picture inspire you to write something?

Image credit; Sean Thomas @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a huge stone dragon on top of a building.

Fairy Tale Land!!

By Tessa Dean August 2021

My friend Kimmy and I decided to take our five and six year olds to Fairy Tale Land. From what I had read it was a take off of a theme park called Story Book Land when we were kids. The kids were excited and so we packed a cooler with lunch and piled into my SUV. The kids were talking animatedly in the back seats about what they hoped to find there as none of them had been there before.

I thought back to my days at Story Book Land and remembered the children’s rides and tableaus of fairy tales and kid’s stories. There was also a small train that drove constantly around the whole park and everyone had to stop when the warning lights were blinking red and wait for the train to pass.

From what the advertisements said, this was definitely similar although updated from the park we went to as children. We parked in the huge lot and noted where the lunch pavilions were. We could eat in our car or if we wanted shade we could go over to the pavilions and eat there. We would decide later as the kids were pushing us to go to the park.

We approached a large entrance building and suddenly one of our children yelled, “Hey mom, look at that large dragon on top of the building.” We all stopped and stared. The entire roof of the building was covered by a large stone dragon that looked almost real. The kids weren’t sure if they wanted to walk under it to enter the park. After much cajoling and promising of their choice of souvenirs we finally entered the building and thus entered the park. There was so much to see and the children couldn’t decide where to go first. Since there were four children it was going to be hard to choose. Everything was so much sophisticated from the old Story Book Land I knew as a kid.

Finally we got a map and marked off what the kids definitely wanted to see in our allotted time. There was too much for one visit. We may not make everything on the list so everything was numbered as to favorites and everyone got to make their choices. Leaving the dragon behind we decided to start with the train ride through the park so we could see everything before we started to explore each display and/or ride.

After exploring as much as possible, eating lunch and then exploring the souvenir shop we headed to the car to go home. We promised the kids to come again so we could explore the rest of the park.

(Although the story is fictional, in my childhood there was a StoryBook Land and I believe it is still there today. My children grew up with it and had a great time and so did their children.)

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