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#WRITEPHOTO – Cliff Edge


#WRITEPHOTO – Cliff Edge

Cliff Edge – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a high area of rock with a very steep side, often on a coast. The cliff has a grassy top. The sea can be seen further out..


Edge of the Cliff

By Tessa Dean August 2021

Sarah and Thomas argued about the safety of Tabitha, their two-year-old daughter, while on a trip to the Diamond Cliffs. Thomas saw no reason for them not to take Tabby with them, and Sarah said, “You know how fast a two-year-old can get out of your sight and move quickly into a danger zone. It’s impossible to keep your eye on them every second, and they move too fast.”

“Oh Sarah, don’t be such a wuss. You can watch her just fine.”

“Thomas, that is part of the problem. I am the only one watching her as you can’t move with your broken leg. Once I put her down, she will head for the cliffs, and there aren’t any safety rails there. It only takes seconds for her to disappear if we take out eyes off her for any reason. It is not fair to me to have to be responsible for her every second.”

“So take the playpen and her toys.”

“She climbs out of that playpen now, and toys only interest her for a short period. You know she will want to go out and see the water, and she will head for the edge. This trip is hard enough for me to push you in the wheelchair down the sandy paths, and you will have to hold her, and even if we did take the playpen, I would have to carry it and push you two. No, I am telling you.”

“Look, this is our vacation, and we can’t leave without seeing the cliffs and the sea beyond them. You know we have wanted to come here for a long time.”

“Yes, and we didn’t have a two-year-old then. This is not the time for this trip, I tell you.”

“Oh, come on, Sarah, we may never get this chance again. Please!”

“I swear if something happens to Tabby, you are going over that cliff after her.”

The next day they drive up to the cliffs and park in the lot. Sarah is still grumbling about the dangers of this trip. She struggles to have to push a wheelchair, through the sand, with a grown man and a baby. Not to mention carrying their lunches, a blanket, and the playpen.

They finally come out of the woods onto the flat area near the cliff’s edge so Thomas could look at the view. He wasn’t going to be any help to her with Tabby. She set up the playpen and put Tabby in it, and she immediately began screaming to get out and within minutes had climbed up and over the top, falling on the ground beneath it. She picked herself up and started running for the cliff’s edge, yelling, “Water, mommy.” Sarah dropped everything and headed after her. She stumbled and fell, and all she could do was watch as her baby headed to the cliff’s edge. She screamed, “Stop, Tabby, no, wait for mommy.” All to no avail, Tabby didn’t hesitate. She kept on running in her stumbling baby gait.

Sarah screamed, “Tabby, no,” and tears flowed down her face, and she was terrified to watch her baby as she took a step off the edge. Sarah hadn’t noticed the man who put out his arm and scooped little Tabby up as her feet cleared the edge. “Whoa there, little one.” Tabby stared at him and pointed, “Water, pretty water.”

Sarah reached them and snatched Tabby out of his grip. “Oh, thank God, sir, you saved my baby. Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome, but you had no business bringing a toddler up here like that. They move too fast.”

“Well, sir, you can tell that idiot over there who thought this was a brilliant idea all because he was bored and wanted to see the cliffs.”


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