A True Funny Story – My Hair Appointment

Friday I had an appointment with my hair stylist and since she is so popular I had to wait three weeks for this appointment. So yesterday, just before my appointment, I was talking to my neighbor about how long I had been waiting for this appointment and my hair was so shaggy and long. So I said to him “Come Hell or high water” I was going to this appointment and I already had one problem since my walker wheel had come off and I was struggling with the old aluminum one I had, but I was going to get my hair done, dammit!

  1. Barely moments after I said this there was a tremendously loud crash of thunder and a huge lightning bolt hit very close. I had rarely heard thunder that loud and so I guess the storm was right on top of us and then another neighbor comes running down the hall.
  2. She goes that lightning bolt split the big tree in front of her apartment (we’re on the 6th floor which happened to be a good thing) as the tree split in half and fell across towards the front entrance. I glanced over to the first neighbor and was speechless. That wasn’t the end.
  3. Next thing you know the lightning hit the building and knocked out the electricity which accomplished two things.
  4. One, the fire alarms started screeching and those suckers are loud and I am hard of hearing so I can only imagine how people who can hear must have felt and….
  5. Two, when the fire alarms go off the elevators shut down for a fire.
  6. My neighbor hands me my phone and says, “Make the call, you aren’t going anywhere!”

I don’t know if we had high water, but we sure had Hell. The divine guy upstairs wasn’t amused at what I said I guess.

And even if was crazy enough to go out in that weather, I can’t walk down 5 flights of stairs to the bottom floor with a walker and if I didn’t get struck by the crazy lightning if I could get out of the door, my windshield wipers on my car do not work thus I wouldn’t have been able to see to drive.

Needless to say, someone was determined I was going to keep this mop of hair for now.

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12 thoughts on “A True Funny Story – My Hair Appointment”

      1. I have no idea what I missed by not going to that appt in the storm. I am sad when I called to make a new appt that I found out that day was her last day and I have no way to contact her and I won’t ask her employers to divulge that info.

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