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3 SEPTEMBER 2021 Friday Fictioneers

3 SEPTEMBER 2021 Friday Fictioneers

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by Tessa Dean September 2021

Sabrina was admiring herself in the stream’s reflection. She wished for a sister when a second face like hers appeared in the reflection. Clothing aside, there appeared to be two of them. “What the heck?” she shook her head. The second face was still there.

Slowly she turned around, afraid of what she would see. There was a girl who looked exactly like her staring at her. Sabrina reached out a hand to touch hers and found she was real. “Who are you?”

“Serena,” she said. “Your twin sister.” Our parents separated us at birth, but I’ve found you now!”

**********100 words**********

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18 thoughts on “3 SEPTEMBER 2021 Friday Fictioneers”

    1. The story continues. It is up to part four I’ll post the link to four if you wish to read on and thanks for the heads up. I like to fix my typos when I see them.


    1. It wasn’t! I added several more parts to it. Episodic fiction over several days. 4 parts so far.

      Here’s what’s done so far. It has links for the other parts.


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