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Take Seven: 3rd September

Take Seven: 3rd September

It’s Friday!

Welcome to my Take Seven compilation which incorporates all 21 words (or derivatives) from the Three Things Challenge for the past week.
You are most welcome to join in using as many or all of the words too. Just pingback to this post and then leave a link to your post in the comments so that I can see it and respond directly.
As always, have fun, and I hope you enjoy this week’s effort.

Our words were:
blood, buff, gel, laugh, mask, numb, poke, pound, press, rinse, scrape, screen, shake, stain, sweat, tap, teeth, tickle, tissue, tremble, water


Reflections Part 4 (Part 1Part 2Part 3)

By Tessa Dean September 2021

Sabrina, Serena and Selena hugged each other as hard as they could until their arms were numb. They shook their arms in an effort to get the blood back into circulation. Looking at the reflection in the water Sabrina now sees three identical faces and they truly are identical triplets which is a rarity, but possible. Sabrina is trembling as she tried to take in the whole situation. This morning she was a lonely only child and now she had two sisters.

Serena grabs a stick and tickles Sabrina to make her laugh. Now was not the time for sadness. Sabrina looked for a tissue to wipe her eyes. Tears of happiness they were.

Serena has appointed herself the ringleader and they set about planning their revenge. First step was to go the hairdresser and get their hair all done exactly the same. They would all splurge on shampoos, cuts and a rinse to make sure they were all the exact same color since Selena had gotten highlights the last time and so she didn’t quite resemble the other two. Now they would all be the same.

Sabrina pokes Serena and says, “I think we should all switch parents so that if we can get them to believe they have the right daughter it will be easier when they all meet up. And make-up should be light, just some lip-gel in an all natural color that will make our lips just shine and no flavors since we probably all like different flavors and I don’t want them wondering what is going on before we hit them with the three of us at once. Let’s buff our nails, any colors we might agree on?” They each looked at their current color and surprisingly they all had green nail polish. So green was the choice. So mani-pedis were added to the list.

Selena said, “What about wearing masks, identical so they really can’t see that we are all the same as we walk up?”

“I don’t know Sabrina says as my parents would most likely object to being seen in public with me wearing a mask and it isn’t Halloween yet.”

Serena had to agree as well. “Let’s just be all identical.”

Sabrina tapped her tooth. “I chipped mine. They might notice if one of you show up with unstained teeth and no chip.”

Selena says, “We might want to revisit the idea of a mask so they won’t see that. We can look for princess masks. Nothing ugly.”

“Hey guys, the sun has shifted and I am starting to sweat. Can we discuss this elsewhere?” Serena asks.

Sabrina pounds her forehead. “I knew I was getting a headache and now I know why. I can’t tolerate the sun.”

Sabrina grabs their hands and presses them together. “To the three of us! Let’s do this!”

Selena says,” Where is the path I came down?” She scrapes at the branches that seemed to have covered the path and screened the opening well.”

Sabrina turns around and finds the path and leads them out of there to another place where they can continue their plans.


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