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Three Things Challenge #713 – Last Episode of “Reflections”

Three Things Challenge #713

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Reflections Part 7 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, Part 6)

By Tessa Dean September 2021

The girls follow her to the other park and find it deserted. They set up the chairs by their cars parked in the shade and got ready to continue their plans. “What kind of outfits should we get. Pants or dresses?” Selena asks them. “I would love to get sundresses if you all don’t mind. I wear them all summer. It’s hot in the summer around here.”

The other girls quickly agree and then decide to leave town to find a store and hairdresser since everyone here knows Sabrina. So they decide to go tomorrow morning.

“OK, Serena asks, “Have we thought of everything other than how we can get them together?”

“Do you all have best friends that they would be agreeable to meeting in another town for dinner? I know mine would go for my best friend,” Serena says. Sabrina and Selena think a bit frowns on their faces.

“I don’t know,” Sabrina says. This was one thing that they hadn’t counted on while making plans. How to get them together could be a problem. “And we don’t want them asking questions of the person they are coming to have dinner with.”

“Our parents haven’t kept in touch once we were past the toddler stage, so they wouldn’t have much in common,” Selena said, pushing her heavy hair off of her sweaty neck. Even in the shade, it was hot.

“Wait,” Sabrina thought for a second. “Do you all go to church? Maybe we could say we were having a problem and talked to the pastor, and he wants to meet with us over dinner. Would they come for that?”

All three girls pondered that one. They all did go to church, and all their pastors made home visits, so why not meet in a restaurant? “Listen, girls, do you think we ought to talk to the pastors and let them know what is going on? I don’t feel right deceiving a pastor,” Serena says. The other two girls agree with her about that. If they use a pastor, he would need to know because the parents are more than likely going to ask him what is going on, and they have to know what to say and be OK with it. Deceiving a pastor isn’t right. They agree to talk to each pastor together so he can understand their upset at their parents deceiving them all these years.

“Sounds like a plan,” Serena says.

The next day they meet and go two towns over. They find cute, identical sundresses, and then they head over to the hairdresser in town and tell the women what they are looking for in their hair design. They stress they must look identical with the haircuts and color. The women listened to the story and cheered them on. They all looked the same after the women were done.

Now all they have to do is figure out what restaurant would be the best and convince all the pastors to play along. They all didn’t live too far apart, so finding a restaurant that was sort of in the middle would be the best so their parents wouldn’t complain about a long ride. So they looked at a map and set about choosing a town to visit and check out the restaurants. They found one restaurant with a horse picture on the sign, and across the street was a horse farm. So they went in and scoped it out. There were candles on the tables and rustic lamps on the walls. The atmosphere was rustic. They approved.

Then there was the problem of the date and time to do this since they would need a reservation. “Sabrina, I think our parents would agree to meet with the pastor no matter what if we told them we’re having problems and talked to the pastor, and he wants to talk to all of us. I believe our parents love us and would do what they needed to do for us. So let’s set the date and time and make a reservation at the restaurant we checked out since we can ask for a table in the back area, and the entrance is at the other side,” Selena told them both. They won’t see us coming, although the 2nd one here might be a giveaway since they will know once they see the first two. Although they won’t know for sure that all three of us had found each other until the third one arrives. What if we arrive at the same time and meet at the door?”

Selena says, “We’ll try to schedule our arrivals around 10 minutes apart if possible. Hopefully, that will work. Now we have to tackle the priests. Everyone call and see if they are available for a meeting and if they say no, then we will have to go with another plan.”

All three pastors were available all afternoon, so they headed to the first one and explained their crazy story. All three girls were crying, and he agreed to tell the parents if they called that he was worried about Sabrina and would it be possible to have dinner and all talk about it. The conversation pretty much went the same for each pastor, so their stories were set up, and the girls couldn’t think of any more details that they might have forgotten. The pastors were assured that they didn’t need to show up for dinner. It was just a story to get their parents together. It was just a small white lie, and yes, all three of them knew they shouldn’t be lying, but they needed closure on this, and please, they pleaded, help us this once.


The day arrived, and all three girls got dressed and did their hair, make-up, and nails. All their parents had agreed to meet with the pastors, although they were all surprised that their daughter hadn’t mentioned having any problems with them first.

The time arrived for Serena and her parents to arrive at the restaurant. They were shown to their table and told the rest of the party hadn’t arrived yet. They looked at the nine place settings and frowned. They were about to ask Serena what was going on when Sabrina and her parents were brought to the table. Both biological parents glared at each other and then started talking at once. Just then, Selena and her parents walked in. Pandemonium broke out. “Quiet,” Serena shouted to be heard above everyone talking. There was silence, and they all looked at her. “By now, I guess you all know why you are here. Your three daughters have finally found out about each other, and we want to know what was going on in your heads that you split all three of us up at birth. We deserved to grow up together, even if it meant shuffling us back and forth. What could possibly make you think what you did was OK?” And turning to Selena’s parents, she said, “And you two are no better. You took one of us as your own and raised her without siblings, just like Sabrina. I have siblings that I now know are my half-siblings. What could justify this in your minds?”

None of the parents said anything, and the women were all crying. The triplet’s mother finally broke the silence. “I’m sorry, but we couldn’t afford the three of you since we were in the middle of a divorce, so we each took one, and our best friends took the third since they couldn’t have kids. I know it wasn’t right, and it hurt, but we didn’t know what to do. Can you ever forgive us?”

“Maybe sometime, Mom,” Sabrina said wearily, “But I grew up longing for a brother or a sister, and I had two which you never told me about or let me meet. Selena also grew up alone. It’s not right! And you’ve kept this secret for 25 years so far, and if Serena hadn’t received a letter from the nurse who delivered us and found out what you did, we still wouldn’t know. Were you ever going to tell us? I am so mad right now. I don’t want to talk to any of you except for my sisters.”

The three girls linked arms and walked out of the restaurant without looking back.


Tessa – 

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6 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #713 – Last Episode of “Reflections””

  1. I can understand the frustration and anger, but IMO maybe it was a bit harsh the way they sprung their surprise without knowing the full story. At least they found each other in the end and no longer felt alone though. Thanks for using the 3TCs in your tale.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They are young and hurt and will get over it ,but right now they are acting out their anger in the only way thy know how. You are welcome as always. I love writing from the 3 words.


      1. I see nothing wrong with acting out their anger. I know I would be very angry if that had been me. Plenty of families can’t afford to support their children, but they all don’t give them away. Granted some do, They will get over it and then they will have relationships with both of their parents too.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I reckon the girls got some great revenge there. I think the being unable to afford the three excuse was poor from their mother. Even if that was the case she brought them into the world and should have looked after them. She didn’t need to keep them secret from each other no matter what.

    A very good story, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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