To my dear friends!

I went into the hospital on Wednesday morning because my feet and legs were swollen, My feet was the size of a baseball and no way I could put my shoes on, I called the dr who had been treating me all week. He said to go into the ER so in I went and I was kept 3 days while they tried to get rid of all that fluid. It sure held on to me. They were pumping me full of liquid lasix (water pill at home and IV at the hospital) and it wasn’t doing anything. My diet was controlled from practically no salt and only 12 ounces of fluid to drink or eat and if I ate it for example, soup, I couldn’t drink it. It finally went down and I came home and I have to be very careful with my salt/sodium intake which allows me practically nothing. He increased my fluid intake to no more than 50 ounces. Most of my normal foods have too much sodium. I think I might actually be below the daily amount, but that is the amount for a normal person without problems so wonder what my sodium level is. I don’t think he told me.

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