2nd stage kidney failure

Well my friends I was in the hospital again and this time was in stage 2 kidney failure. They were able to bring my kidneys back to almost normal, but if this keeps happening I will end up on dialysis. So……

The doctor’s request:

  1. No Opioids (need them for pain, as I can barely walk now)
  2. Restrict fluid intake to 50 oz no more or no less (this includes all liquid in my food, ice cream which is a liquid and you can probably take it from there, also includes ice cubes)
  3. Low salt/sodium (wipes out a lot of food)
  4. Low sugar/ (wipes out more foods)
  5. Low fat (more food)
  6. And has to be heart healthy (not even gonna say it)

This isn’t a choice. This is what I must do to prevent complete kidney shut down.

Dinner was 2 small oranges. I am about done with my liquid for the day and it is just 6 PM. I never drank much, but now that I can’t, I want it of course.

Obviously not much writing got done this month with 2 hospital stays.

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