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What do you see # 103 – October 11, 2021

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Image credit; Jovan Vasiljević

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a tray lined with brown paper and full of a variety of donuts.

Hot Baked Goods!

By Tessa Dean October 2021

The grandkids had hidden themselves under the table before Grandma put a freshly made batch of donuts out for the party later. Toby whispered, “Now!” Jean put her hands up and reached for one of the donuts on the top thinking Grandma wouldn’t notice one missing from the top of the tray. They split the still warm donut in half and ate it quickly. They pondered whether she would notice if they snuck another one. Little did they know that she had made exactly one donut per person and eventually they would be caught. She continued to place other baked goods on the table. They could snatch a cookie or two, but the cakes and pies would be noticeable if cut.

Once Grandma left the kitchen they snuck out and ran out the back door since Grandma had headed into the living room to greet her guests. Jean and Toby followed the others inside from the front yard.

Grandma started to hand out the donuts and noticed she was short. “Toby and Jean,” she scolded, “What did you do? There is a donut missing and I see you both have a donut in your hand and crumbs all over your mouth, but you haven’t eaten yet. So where did the crumbs come from and where is the missing donut? I know it was you two pranksters. I had exactly enough for one for each person and now one is missing. Toby’s mom grabbed Toby’s and told him to share Jean’s since they already shared one. She ate Toby’s.

Toby and Jean pouted, but they couldn’t do anything about it. They were caught!

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