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My Father is in Hospice Care

I have been absent for the last month or so due to numerous deaths in the family and now my father is in Hospice Care and they don’t expect him to last much longer. His body is wasting away. He waited until after the holidays however, that makes 2022 a sucky year already. 2021 was terrible, but he is holding on so now we are officially in 2022.

He is losing weight rapidly and is now down to less than 120 pounds. They say his body can’t sustain him once he hits 100 pounds and that won’t be long at the rate he is losing weight.

I finally decided I needed to do something besides sleep and read and dwell on how my life is sucking right now. I know he will be happier in heaven than in the nursing home he has spent the last 3 plus years in without my mother who passed 8 years ago. I have to remind myself he will be in a better place and not in pain anymore. They tell us the pain is his body shutting down.

I jump every time the phone rings.

Happy New Year everyone!

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10 thoughts on “My Father is in Hospice Care”

    1. Thanks! There I will have an aide everyday whereas the program I am currently on only gives me 20 hours per week and they are just 5 days a week so I struggle through the other days or even more if they don’t show up during their assigned time which does happen.

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    1. Thank you. Lost the other post so responding to this one although I do not understand German or at least I think this is German. I took a little bit of German in high school in the 1970’s.


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